Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Roses

This outfit got me lots of comments the other day when I wore it shopping. It's always nice to have strangers stop and ask you were you got your dress from, or have an elderly lady say that I remind her of herself 60 years ago!

This dress was a cheapie from eBay and I spruced it up with a longer full circle white petticoat. I love how it showed underneath. The knitted boloero cardi was also on sale for $9 in a local clothing store. On principle, I never pay full price for something. Everything I purchase is on sale or Vintage picked up has to be cause' I buy so much of it!

Dress: Le Bomb
Cardi: Seven Angels, Bendigo
Wedges: Naughty Monkey, Highpoint Shopping Centre
Lippie: MAC Russian Red
Earrings: Rhinestone cherries from eBay
Sunnies: Vintage style from a HotRod show

My Betty Page "Who Me?" pose!

On another note, I'm having a booth at the Handmade Market in Bendigo this Saturday at the Town Hall.  I have lots of lovely new jewellery and beads made, so if I have any local followers please drop by and say hello!


  1. I love your dress and you look so pretty!!

  2. No wonder you were getting compliments; you look wonderful! The dress is a knockout and your hair looks great too.

  3. I can see why you got compliments. You ROCK this outfit.

  4. you're such a cute little thing :)

  5. Love the dress and the petticoat you paired with it. Your hair and makeup look spot on! It's a wonder you got through the store without everyone stopping you. You look adorable!

  6. Girl, you are just too too gorgeous!

  7. Looking lovely!
    Thanks again for your advice on cuticle remover in Oz, in the end I found one by Manicare that works. My sister in-law to be's mani looked great on her wedding day :)
    We're back in NL now, I miss the Australian sun already :(


  8. I love your style so much!!! I wish I could pull off the "rockabilly" type look..


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