Friday, March 25, 2011

New Shatter Colelction By OPI

Following on from the SHATTERING success of OPI's Black Shatter Top Coat............. OPI has released a range of 6 new shatter shades.

New shades include;

White Shatter; offers a new dimension to nail design, the cracked pattern effect, similar to a snow leopard in appearance.

Red Shatter; for a more dramatic effect that appears like a tropical sunset

Blue Shatter; a bold royal blue shade offers a nautical look

Navy Shatter; this dark navy blue top coat is similar to black shatter with a bit more of an edge.

Turquoise Shatter; a gorgeous shade of shimmery turquoise creates an aquatic theme on the nails

Silver Shatter, adds a sparkling dimension to nails that really pop and shimmer (released as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)

Nail art and nail applications is the latest fashion accessory, and what better way to achieve this look than through the easy to apply, Shatter Top Coat by OPI.

Have a bit of fun with your nails and design your own wearable form of art.
Shatter Top Coat retails for $19.95 at selected salons and David Jones from 1st May 2011

For stockist contact 1800 358 999 or


  1. Turquoise shatter looks freaking AMAZING! *_*

  2. I could cry these are so :-) cry for joy of course!

  3. These look amazing....definately going to get the silver and turquoise shatter! Can't wait! Not going to pay DJ's price though. I wish they were cheaper here rather than having to get them overseas =(

  4. looks so amazing :D i want to have one of those :| unfortunately it's not available here in our country .. :|

  5. These should have some fun effects.


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