Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Casual Outfit Of The Week

I now am making time to pop into a Thrift Shop every now and then after not bothering for several years. I still prefer to find my Vintage clothes on eBay and Etsy for the pure convenience of it, as you can do 50 Thrift shops and not find anything... which equals a big fat waste of time! Last week tho I had to eat my words as I had a fantastic week!  I got a bakelite bangle for 50c, 2 1970's blouses for $3 each, 3 50's scarfs for $5, a 50's beaded necklace for $1 and a gorgeous in almost new condition 1940's hat for $15.

This deadstock 1970's blouse I found in an RSPCA store for $4. Score! It still had original tags and the embroidery is beautiful. Until I find some high waisted jean capri's, my Target ones will have to do with my retro styled green wedges I purchased in Singapore for $12.

Because it was an errand running day my make up was minimal.  No eyebrow filling I'm afraid or eyeshadow and mascara....just my Russian Red lippie.


  1. Lucky finds! Bakelite bangle for 50 cents is fantastic. Love the blouse. You look adorable.

  2. the embroidery is beautiful :) is great when you have good thrift days! and you eel so proud or saving money :D youve really mastered the hairstyle there mrs, its looking awesome! x

  3. Thanks Ivy and Carolina!

    Lucy. I was pretty happy that day, thanks Lucy!

    LemonyEmily. Love yr name! And love, love, love your nails in your profile pic! My hairstyle is coming along slowly...not perfect yet! THanks tho!

  4. haha thank you! i love all things lemony, its just destiny that it kind of rhymes with Emily haha! as for the nails its definitely my most outrageous mani to date haha! practice makes perfect, youll be a vintage hair pro in no time!!
    thank you for following my blog as well!


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