Monday, March 7, 2011

The Lindy Charm School For Girls

I told you all the other day that I was off to a Vintage school, hosted by Miss Chrissie and Miss Kim from The Lindy Charm School For Girls. We all had a lovely morning yesterday learning how to Victory Roll our hair, pin curl it and how to Marcel Wave the front in a 30's flapper style. They then showed us how to make up our face in our picked Era of dressing. In my case it's the 40's and 50's, so they demo'ed the winged eyeliner, red lipstick and apple of the cheek blush.

Here are a few pics from the day.

The "BEFORE" photo of the girl on the left.

And this is her "AFTER" photo. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Miss Chrissie at work pinning Victory Curls with Hawaiian flowers. Miss Chrissie and Kim are dedicated 1940 dressers, meaning they do not wear anything else...ever. Casual for them means 1940's slacks and knits, styled hair and red lipstick just to pop down to the supermarket for a bottle of milk.

This is morning shot, before the class and before I knew how to Victory Roll. Boring hair!

And my AFTER shot...and after attempting to roll my hair for the first time. Nice but not great, I need a LOT of practice!

Thanks again to Miss Leah from Bell's Belle's Vintage who organised this day for us. Ladies came from all over Central Victoria and Melbourne to attend and then proceeded to clean out Leah's shop while I was still busy ordering a custom corset! Argh! I did find 2 gorgeous dresses tho and a promise from Leah to keep me updated on new stock arrivals! Thanks Leah!

Dress: Vintage from Bell's Belle's in Castlemaine.
Shoes: Vintage repo wedges from Naughty Monkey
Bangle: Cinnabar find from Chinatown in Singapore
Necklace: Styled on 1950's but from beads that I found at a Bead Show then made myself.
Earrings: Rhinestone Cherries from Ebay.
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo with Cherry Liner.


  1. Love the style wish I had the time and money to be a dedicated 50's dresser!!

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  3. Very Swish Carli - you're looking very "glam" these days

  4. Wow, I didn't know Vintage dressing classes existed! How cool is that, I just discovered your blog as I really love the 50's style and trying to get more info on hair styles and it! smile, Virginie

  5. Oh you look amazing! That's it. I'm determined to learn how to victory roll my hair this weekend!

  6. Lovely to meet you on Sunday Carli and I have to ask - is that photo of you out the front of your house? In which case, I love, love, love the mosaic floor. Beautiful!

  7. Beauxsmom. Me too! I can only try but I still do the tracksuit pant thing at home doing housework!

    Thank you Pakistani girls!

    Hey Liz, Nah, it's mostly good photography!

    Virginie. I'm still learning too! Let me know if you find any great vintage hair blogs.

    Hi Nicole! Yep, that's my front verandah! I mosaiced 26 metres of it using old broken china and discontinued tiles! YOu can see a little bit more of it in my Hello Sailor post a few posts below this one and at this post:

  8. Kaz. It's bloody hard! I still can't get it right 2 days hair doesn't seem to want to roll with a see thru curl...I'm so frustrated. BTW, I'm about to email you!

  9. You look beautiful! I would love to learn how to style my hair in a vintage fashion.

  10. You look gorgeous! I also love the makeup and dress looks from the 40's & 50's. I have lots of pictures of my Mother, Aunts & various relatives from that period. My Mom looked so gorgeous. She was 4'11" and was gorgeous. Love that hairdo on the after photo. I know how to do finger waves. It's been a long time since I've did them. I'd love to know how to do a Victory Roll. This must've been such fun to go to.

  11. Your style is very unique ^^ I'd love to do a jump in time & go back on 40's, it would be great !! Do you like to come with me ?? Yes I am sure you will lol


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