Saturday, March 5, 2011


We had a jam packed 7 days in friendly Singapore, doing pretty much everything it had to offer tourist wise.

We took 3 empty suitcases and still came home with 2, so shopping was a bit disappointing. We didn't find any markets other than what Chinatown offered. Unlike Hong Kong where markets are lined in every suburb!
All 6 MAC stores were out of stock on everthing that I wanted ( main lines and not even limited editions ), Sephora's prices were double what you can get it on eBay for and nail polish was more expensive than our Australian jacked up prices! It was all a bit of a bummer actually.....the husband didn't seem to mind so much.

One of the temples we visited in Chinatown.

Georgio Armani's facade is a thin layer of marble lit up with lights inside. It looked beautiful.

ION Orchard.

Isabelle was very brave at Underwater World!

Filthy Monkey.

Yep, we had our feet nibbled!

I found a Konad store at Far East Plaza and the girls allowed me to take photos. Altho they ran as soon as the camera came out!

Yummo, USA Candy at Sentosa!

My gorgeous girls at the Zoo.

And what did I wear on my nails?? Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!!


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful time! :) That stinks about the less than desirable shopping prospects, though.

    That Konad store looks AMAZING! I would love to visit a konad store like that! I would be poor after I left it, I'm sure!

    Glad you're back!

  2. Holy crap look at that Konad store!! and that candy store!!! and that awesome yellow python!!!
    and OMG I so want to get my feet nibbled!!!!!
    So incredibly jealous!

  3. Wow that konad store looked like a little place of ultimate fun!

  4. I cannot stop laughing at that monkey.
    The expression on his face just adds to the hilarity.

  5. lol i love the monkey...thank god there is no konad store in the be poor all the time!...though it would mean i didn't have to wait for the post man!..i love these cute pics! hope you had fun!

  6. wonderful pics! thanks for sharing.

  7. Aw you should have posted on your blog that you were going to Singapore, I could have given you tips on where to shop! And where to buy awesome nail polish!

  8. The monkey! The monkey! Haha, it's so funny.
    I had to stop for a second and laugh!

    And that Konad store looks amazing.

  9. looks like you guys had a great time! OMG at the Konad store :)

  10. OMG what an awesome place to vacation! There isn't much options easily available to vacation in the US. We have Mexico and the Carribean for beaches but everything else is SO far away. *sigh* Even just going to some of the places in our own country (Hawaii, Alaska, The Florida Keys) takes ages to get to...

  11. Thanks Natalie, we had fun and the Konad store wasn't a temptation!

    Domesticgoddess. You need 5 minutes to get used to the fish. At the start you think you are going to lose your mind from the tickles.

    Chaosbutterfly. I know, he was a crackup and the funny thing was, no matter where you stood it seemed like he was looking right at YOU!

    Sarahlouise. I had everything I wanted so I was able to resist any temptation!

    Cheryl. I did ask! A couple of weeks ago I posted asking for Singapore info and cheap buys.

    Ange. Buy you guys have places that are on my wish list! On our 20th I wanna get remarried by Elvis in Vegas! HK and Singapore would only be around 10 hours away from the US?

  12. Aww!! I from Singapore and I hope you had a gd time here! But yeah, prices in Sg are da Ex! esp for nail polishes unless you know where to find the cheapies!
    I'm flying to Melbourne in a few hours time!

  13. Aw I must have missed it! I hope you enjoyed the sightseeing nonetheless!

  14. incredible! that photos fascinating. everything is beautiful, including the monkey dirty. your beautiful daughters! happy week

  15. Such beautiful daughters! Filthy monkey! Shame you couldn't find some good things to buy. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  16. That Konad store looks like heaven and I am cracking up over the monkey! His expression makes it.

  17. Omg!! konad store like a heaven!!


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