Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MAC Spirit Of Truth

I'm not really 'into' makeup big time but when I saw promo pictures of MAC's Wonder Woman collection my heart went into overdrive. I knew instantly that I must own evey single piece no matter what it was!! I since calmed down and became a bit more level headed about what I wanted when I saw swatch pics, and ended up getting the 2 nail polishes, Amazon Princess blush and the Russian Red lippie...maybe I should get another couple of lippies as backups tho....????

This is 2 coats of Spirit Of Truth, the most wonderful Navy creme shade I own. It glided on beautifully and was opaque in one coat, I did 2 due to habit.
I Konaded it with China GLaze OMG and my nails have a seriously cool rainbow sheen design. 1 coat of Seche QD to finish it off.


  1. love love love this blue! It looks amazing on you! Also love the OMG stamping. I love the effect OMG creates when I stamp with it.

  2. That's a really cool blue! The stamping looks great on it. xx

  3. really gorgeous!! love this shade!!

  4. the bottles are so cute, i just want to run out and buy them.... i wish they came in more colors though.

  5. The same thing happened to me... I got the mineralize skin finish.:)
    I love this nail polish but I have toooo many blues on my collection.

  6. Amei!!
    Tem até música pra mulher maravilha...



  7. you should... get backups, i mean.=D mac are notorious for their limited editions.@@

  8. which Plate have you used ?never seen this motives on a konad image plate...

  9. Let them have polish. Me too!

    Thanks Juno, LadyLuck and STeph!

    Enamel Girl. The bottles are the only reason why I bought them! If they had more colors it would have been intelligent of them.

    Carolina. How do u like the skin finish? The blush is super pigmneted, you need a tiny tap into it to get a lot of color.

    Terry. you enabler you!

    Andariel. It's a Chez-delaney.com plate, the XL size.

  10. Oh, wow, I love it! It's such a gorgeous colour and the holo stamping really show up well and makes it pop. I also adore the accent nail with different stamping pattern - nice touch, and still works well :)

  11. I love the OMG Konad! Nice!!!!

  12. Wonderful manicure! I tried to get the blue but it was sold out online. I haven't checked if MAC got this back in. I ordered Russian Red! Gorgeous red.


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