Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Art Of Elegance Winter Fair

Maryborough once again was the host of the Winter edition of The Art Of Elegance Fair.

Miss Lulu and Ruby Rabbit (you guys have no idea how much I love that name!) were there again making ladies look fabulous, Vintage style.

Trestle tables full on vintage jewellery.

I caught up with the delightful Nicole and Tim from Circa Vintage.

Lots of bakelite buckles, buttons and brooches.

Mrs Tovey was gorgeous and had baked some glorious goodies. I came home with the most delicious Sour Cream Apple Pie.  Look at the price....$5 for a huge pie!   Her prices really were from the 1950's!

My buys for the day.  A set of silver dress clips and a few bakelite pieces.

The next one is in 3 months, will let you all know the dates very soon.


  1. Did she make giant marshmellows?

  2. I'm in awe of Mrs Tovey's cakes - I want to open a vintage tea room and ask her to do all the baking, so many great cakes! We snaffled a smaller version of the sour cream, apple and walnut and we'll have it for desert tonight. Yummo! Lovely to see you and your family too.

    1. She is so cute and looked darling! I'm going to ring her and tell her to make sure she brings more sour cream apple pies next time.

  3. It would have been ok if there were 3 times as many stalls. Half a dozen stalls is a bit of a joke.

  4. Oh my that looks like a scrumptious pie for sure! I adore older ladies who sell their timeless sweet treats at community events. Just wish we had vintage ones like that up here in Canada for them to do it at, too! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. How lovely!
    I really wish I'd made the trek now!
    Oh well... next time.


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