Sunday, August 26, 2012

China Glaze Neon Skittles

I caved and got the China Glaze Neons box set...even tho I didn't NEED anymore Neons. I don't wear these colors enough to justify having lots of them so I really don't know what I was thinking! I do like this collection however, becuase ChG added some shimmer into the mix.
I thought it called for some fruity business, so I stamped from the new Bundle Moster collection with Konad Yellow.  Finished with a coat of Seche QD.


  1. Very pretty and bright mani! I should get some more China Glaze neons (I have two at the moment)

  2. I adore the color on your middle finger!

  3. love your mani, I can't wait to get my ChG neons

  4. That pink on your pinky is darling!

  5. I like though these are neons - and certainly bright hues - they're not garish at all (as, say, highlighter yellow or electric lime can sometimes be), which makes them wayyyy more wearable and easy to pair with a range of outfit colours.

    ♥ Jessica


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