Thursday, August 2, 2012

Morning Tea @ Bell's Belles Vintage

My favourite vintage store, Bell's Belles Vintage, has expanded into a cafe! Which means I can go there much more often....and under the guise of having babychinos with Miss 4!
Last Sunday we went there for hot drinks and brownies.

Miss Leah, proprieter and resident Barista.

Raspberry brownies made with 1 kg of chocolate per slab!  It was divine and The Sexiest Man wouldn't wait for me to take a photo before he attacked it.

The gorgeous Miss 11 and Miss 4 in their warm as toast Oilily coats.


Frilly petticoats combined with Eye and body charts.

Bell's Belles Vintage interior

I fell in love with this gorgeous 50's red and fur collar coat.  It fit me perfectly....but it was out of my price range.  Oh, to be cursed with tastes more expensive than my bank balance!

The ambience in the cafe is very comforting.  The cutlery is vintage, mismatched and divine!

Bell's Belles in in Johnstone St, Castlemaine.  It's worth a drive....but no buying anything in my size!!


  1. Very nice coat, you can't find one like it at you local thrift store? I see them on ebay quite a bit.

  2. Hello Carli

    Awww thanks for the lovely post we had such a great day! That red coat looks stunning on you.....

    Leah xx

    1. Yes, I really do think you should just GIVE it to me.....!!

  3. Too bad about the price on the coat because it looks absolutely fabulous on you!!

  4. Ooh that coat - THAT COAT! You look absolutely DIVINE in that COAT!!! The cafe looks splendid - I might pop in for a hot choc on my way to Melb! Sarah xxx

  5. your family is lovely, just wanted to say, congrats!


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