Friday, August 3, 2012

That Dress AGAIN!

Yes, I know I have featured this dress a couple of times already but I LIKE it! It's also one of The Sexiest Man's outfits he loves to see me in, so I drag it out more times than I should just for him.

And a bonus wonky looking one.

Dress: Vinatge 60s Paisley, Etsy
Cardi: Living Dead Souls
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Stockings: Voodoo
Petticoat: Hell Bunny


  1. Very cute! I tend to wear things my husband likes more.

  2. Lovely dress - sorry if a TMI request but are you wearing a vintage bra under the dress or a repro?

    Thanks, Claire

    1. LOL! It's a bullet repro from Secrets in Lace. Rather pointy in that dress aren't they?!

  3. I love this dress on you, and the shoes are awesome! So cute :)

  4. I love it on you! I really love that print and would take anything in that print. Good prints are so hard to find!

  5. Foarte faina rochia!:)

  6. it's SUPER cute - and i have that cardi too (in black)

  7. I love, love, love paisley and am constantly on the hunt for pre-mod era pieces in this timelessly appealing pattern. This dress is marvelous indeed, and I can completely see why both you and your fellow are smitten with it.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Wow, your boobs look fab in that dress. And your waist looks really nice too. :) You're right to wear it a lot.


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