Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gemstones & Fossils & Dinosaurs

I have something a little different today! The Melbourne Museum has a new exhibit open and we loved it! Gems and glittery goodness has always appealed to me and I went thru a stage as a child collecting rocks and semi-precious gems from Gem and Fossil trade shows. Now, I always use gemstones in my jewellery I make and collect huge chunks of it for my own personal jewellery collection!

It seems the 2 little Misses have also inherited the Gem bug because they didn't want to leave! We spent the whole visit in this one exhibit. photos behind glass!
A fossil slab.  A few stones were available for everyone to touch which was fab.
These Amethysts were over 4 foot high each!
And cause I know you all want's a dinosaur.   ROAR!


  1. I adore gemstones (semi-precious and precious alike), too, and would welcome the chance to visit this amazing exhibit. Thanks for taking us along on your fun outing with you and your little ones, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Amazing! What is that metallic cube one? Glad you all had fun.


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