Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pretty Serious MONSTER MASH Part 1

First up, gorgeous green HOLOGRAPHIC boxes!  Don't throw these away girls, they are going to be collectable one day!!

Mummy Mush, 2 coats. This was a hard little monkey to photograph as it tends to flash several colors on tricky camera angles. I got Peach and Gold out of it on it's own, but layering it brings out even more colors:

One coat over Black, White, Revlon Royal and ChG Lemon Fizz. The green is the most evident over Black and Blue while the pale colors bring out the Gold and Peach.


Gargoyal Ganache, 2 coats, in artificial light. This is another complex color which flashes pink, teal, mauve and steel.


In natural shade.


Poltergeist Puddle, 2 coats. Again, another very complex color hard to capture! This has teeny red and blue sparkles which flash on the nails but shy away from the camera.

And under artifical light. Kudos to Kaz for raising the bar with her newest collection.  She has gone to a LOT of trouble to makes each color very unique.  Not for a long time have I purchased the whole collection from any brand.

Due to being away on holidays in the HOT part of Australia, I will have part 2 ready in another week! Fret not, swatches of this collection is swarming online now and are also available on Pretty-Serious' website.


  1. Seriously awesome shades - and box art, too! It's hard to pick a favourite, especially given that they all work so well for my beloved Halloween, but at the moment I think I'm feeling Poltergeist Puddle the very most.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Gorgeous shades! And the packaging is stunning. My fave from this collection is Poltergeist Puddle!

  3. Nice swatches, I agree Kaz has really outdone herself with this collection! I love mine too and I don't usually buy full collections either

  4. Great colors, I really like the multi-color look!

  5. I was really looking forward to mummy mush but that really fell flat for me :(


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