Friday, October 26, 2012

Sheaves of Wheat & Leopard Prints

I'm slowly getting into the whole mixing pattern thing.  And I think I kinda like it.
This dress was a steal on eBay.  It was listed several times and always passed in, then around the 4th time I saw it for sale I stuck a bid on it at the last minute almost hoping I got outbid.  I didn't.  So then I stressed about why it never got any bids and what was wrong with it?  
When it arrived I loved it.  It has a gorgeous little pointed half collar, DEEEEEEEEEEP pointed pockets on the front and rhinestone studded buttons! 
But of course, it was cold and I had to wear a cardi.  Even tho we are half a month into Spring.
50's dress: Ebay
Cardi: Best n Less
Shoes: eBay Hong Kong
Sunnies: ASOS
Belt: Op Shop


  1. Great outfit! Love the mixed patterns.

  2. LOVE the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love this blend of patterns! I've always viewed leopard as a quasi-neutral unto itself, and think it's an awesome pattern to partner with other prints. Very bold, stylish, beautiful!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, leopard print is extremely verstaile. A good leopard cardi and shoes are essential I now think for all wardrobes. What I wouldn't give for a swing leopard coat from the 60's! Thank you dear Jessica!

  4. That looks adorable! I agree completely with ^^Jessica^^ that leopard is a's really amazing how well it goes with so many things. Yes, you must get a leopard coat. Put that on the Christmas list right away :-)
    Sorry your Spring is holding out on you...I think we must be holding it hostage here in California, as it's now almost November and I'm still sweating and wishing for air conditioning, when I should be all snuggly-sweatery!



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