Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shoes Day!

In Australia, our shoes are rather boring. Tediuously so. So when Irregular Choice release the most amazing shoes on the planet, well, a girl just really has to buy them.....doesn't she?

These gingham wonders have a huge plastic bow on the fronts and carved lucite heels. Unfortunately, one of the bows arrived broken and a super glue (hack) job had to be performed. I was also rather disappointed with their customer service...but that's another story.


The husband was feeling rather booby today so made me stand to attention.

50's Novelty dress: Etsy
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Cardi: Target


  1. They are so cute, I just love those heals. Wait till you see the 4 skirts I just bought. Look up Bernardo skirts on ebay, this designer made a bunch of novelty print sequence encrusted to die for skirts!

  2. Hope the got with bats :) or skulls.

    Didnt know u was from Australia :) We watch alot of Austrian vids on youtube of the Skyline cars

  3. I could not agree more - Australian shoes are AWFUL! I struggle when it comes to finding cute shoes because every time I've bought some online the fit hasn't been great :( I really love brands like Irregular Choice and Miss L Fire but have never had the guts to buy any of their things because I worry about the fit seeing as there is no way of trying them on.

    What is the fit like for Irregular Choice shoes? Yours are just lovely, although it is disappointing to hear that the customer service isn't fantastic...

    1. I have a standard sized 37 foot for Miss L Fire and Irregular Choice...lucky me!! Those 2 brands usually make wide toed shoes which is way more comfy. If anythign is pointed I dont order, as well as anything on eBay I steer clear of as they usually dont fit. Mdcloth also is hit amd miss. Once you find a brand that fits well, then you know you can order bazillion pairs from them!

  4. Super cute, whimsically fun shoes! I love the dress you parented them with as well. That palette couldn't get any more perfect for Halloween.

    ♥ Jessica

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