Thursday, November 1, 2012

Busting Out Of Poor Bernie

Since last Spring, this Bernie Dexter dress has become way too tight in my boob area. Not the waist...the boobs. What the??!

Mind you, the odd peep of bra didn't stop me from wearing it, but I think it will be the last time until I either move the buttons or actually lose a bit of weight.
Dress: Bernie Dexter
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Belt: Hong Kong
Bakelite Bangles and Earrings: Ebay
Hair Flower: Dynamite-Darlin, eBay


  1. Aww don;t think yo have to loose weight, I would kill to have curvs like you :) my body it pretty much curveless and I send to store my fat in my tummy, I'f I had a chest like you I would embrace it ;)

  2. You are gorgeous, dear gal, and wayyyy to hard on your figure. I say wear a cardi over the top of the dress if you're not keen on how it's fitting in the bust area and keep on rocking this fabulous Bernie frock.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Maybe you should just let them out be free, wear a tank or cammi under it and show some awesome cleavage. Flaunt it if you got it, I only had cleavage when I was breast feeding my girls, it was so cool!

  4. LOVE IT! you look awesome. :D


  5. Gee, I wish my extra pounds would go to my chest! (says the girl with the a-cup.) That dress is fantastic, bosomyness and all... perhaps you could wear a t-shirt/cami under it and leave the top button undone? :)

  6. Your hair looks amazing! :)

  7. That is a wonderful dress!! So Atomic! I just heard that Bernie Dexter discontinued ALL plus sizes which is going to be hard on us Boobie gals :( gutted!


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