Friday, November 2, 2012

Ulta3 Pastels

These are sooooooo pretty.


The super cheap, but amazing polish Australian brand, Ulta3, have released a pastel collection. I only got 5 as the rest didn't really appeal, but they are dee-vine.

All 3 coats, from left to right: Soft Hydrangea, Lilac Bloom, Pale Dahlia and Corsican Rose.  Even the names are so dang gorgeous!

Have any other Aussie chicks been lucky enough to score these at their local chemist?


  1. I have been eye-ing them but couldn't decide whether I should get them. I think you just helped me decide that I want them! :))

  2. I love these pretty colours: but do you think I can find them in any of the chemists I go to, NO boo hiss


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