Friday, November 16, 2012

Lemming Fulfilled - Viridian

Illamasqua recently had free worldwide shipping on their website and I used that opportunity to grab the Viridian and Glitterati Duo set.  This was 2 coats of Viridian, and as always with Illamasqua, the formula was perfect.  Photos above were taken in natural shaded light, below under artificial light.
It's always nice to strike off a Lemming, isn't it?!


  1. That color is very pretty. I just love the saying Viridian. It rolls of the tongue and sound like some lush, exotic jungle.

    1. Yes, it does! So glad someone else feels the same way!!

  2. That's very cool about the free worldwide shipping. I can go months or even years sometimes without encountering an US or international shop that ships for free to Canada. Thanks so much for mentioning that point, hon.

    ♥ Jessica


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