Monday, December 31, 2012

Loreal Limited Edition Cannes Film Festival Trio

I'm a little late to this limited edition color party, but I only just purchased them recently in Target, when they were phasing them out at $2.88 each! They really are 'riche' in color and just gorgeous.


Magestic Croisette #811, 2 coats. Look at this blue shimmer flash! My favourite out of the 3.


Majestic Green #807, 2 coats. This green shimmer has a glow to it that is just beautiful.

Mystic Blue #809, 2 coats. Not terribly original, but again, the glow makes it a little bit special.  It also looks fab in shade and artificial light.

If you have the luck to still find these in a retailer, make sure you grab them.  I initially passed them over at $6.95 each, but in hindsight, they are probably even worth spending that much on them!


  1. I agree with you when it comes to your favourite, but honestly really like all of them. Chartreuse is not a colour one runs into all the time, where in fashion or for beauty products, and that hue (Majestic Green) is certainly calling my name, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh! I had no idea these were limited edition! I have all three of those, and two of the first and last (they're so small so I bought extra). I absolutely love them. Now I'm thinking I should really go buy up a few more of each, since those two are both colors I wear a whole lot, and I might not be able to find them again.


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