Sunday, December 16, 2012

Orly Hope & Freedom Collection: Melodious Utopia & Peaceful Opposition

What sets ORLY’s Hope & Freedom collection apart from other pastel polishes is the variety of finishes, which includes crèmes, a shimmer and even a glitter for when you want to add extra sparkle to your day.

The collection includes:
• Boho Bonnet (Soft Grey-Blue Crème)
• Elation Generation (Bright Pink Glitter Crème)
• Melodious Utopia (Soft Yellow Crème)
• Peaceful Opposition (Silver/White Glitter)
• High On Hope (Navy/Purple Shimmer)
• Coachella Dweller (Pale Green Crème)

This is 3 coats of Peaceful Opposition, which is a milky white base with white and silver glitter.  This would also be great for layering in jelly sandwiches.
And Melodious Utopia. 
First of all, how much do we love the name?!  It sounds so peaceful.
This swatch photo shows 4 coats.  It is quite sheer and did need 4 to become opaque.  This shade of Yellow was not the best for my skin tone but the bright pink shimmer flash saves it from never being worn again!

All six shades in ORLY’s Hope & Freedom collection are ‘3-free’ and equipped with ORLY’s world famous Gripper Cap for easier application.  The RRP will be $18.95 and will be on shelf March 2013. or 1300 769 355


  1. How very, very lovely! I particular like Peaceful Opposition. It was the shade that most jumped out at me in the lineup, so I'm extra happy that it was one of the ones you chose to highlight on your nails in this post.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I've only just discovered your blog. :D It's so cute! I was looking for swatches of Orly's Hope & Freedom Fest and I was happy to oogle over your beautiful nails!

    Would you please provide swatches of the other polish colors (if you are able to do so)? It would make me so happy. :)

    I love the vintage feel of your posts! It's very inspiring. I love updated fashions so much. Thank you for sharing your pictures!


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