Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Antiquing At The Beach

We quite often head off to Ocean Grove for a long weekend and once a year I also have a Glass Festival there.  We always frequent the Antique stores and Mill Markets and this visit I took some photos.
First up The Mill Market:
And these are the items I wanted to put on the roof rack and take home immediately:
Deco walnut veneer sideboard.

This gorgeous Laminate table set from the 50's.  Quite reasonable priced at $595.
Funky 50's bar with Martini glass and bubbles motif.
Groovy 60's bubble chair.
Lusted very hard over this Deco dresing table.  But at over $1,000 it wasn't coming home with us :(
There's my Sunbeam mixer and canisters peeking at me!
An old Cinema sign from a Melbourne theatre.
This divine florr length mink collared coat.  The mink collared stood up!  It was also reasonably priced at $150 and I would have purchased it if it hadn't of been for the 5 moths that flew out of it as I tried it on.
Then it was on to the The Antique Store next to Schott's in Geelong.
A powder blue 50's Vespa!  Vroom vroom!
The Sexiest Man idolises Vampirella and couldn't believe his luck when he saw a styrofoam cut out version.  Unfortunately for him, Not For Sale!
He is also holding part of what we purchased: a 50's Novelty skirt for Miss 11, a 60's Allens lolly jar in the shape of a bear, and a Paul Frank school bag also for Miss 11.
Do I have any followers from Geelong and have you guys scored any bargains in these shops?


  1. My Uncle used to have an egg chair like that, with built in speakers.

  2. What a great trip all the furniture you want I want as well. garage season is coming up and I'm definitely going to start looking for antique furniture.

  3. I took the exact same photos of the laminate table set and the deco dressing table when we stopped at the Geelong Mill Market!! Didn't see that amazing egg chair though - I love orange x

    1. That's too funny! I'd have bought both of those instantly if I could have. Sigh.

  4. I was at the Mill Market on the waterfront area in Geelong a couple of months ago and scored a great 40's tartan dress. Awesome! What a shame about the moths - that coat is simply divine.

  5. That deco dressing table is knock-your-vintage-socks-off incredible! Wow, just wow. A grand is far too rich for my blood, too, though...anything up to half that price I might have considered it, but again, not at the four figure mark. All of these pieces are incredible - it must have been such a super fun day for you!

    ♥ Jessica


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