Sunday, February 10, 2013



I am nearing the end of my Crows Toes extravaganza!

 This is Blue Christmasm a dense glitter in tiny blue and black colors with some silver holographics thrown in for super sparkle. ( Ignore my bare tips, I decided to scrap a sticker off the kids window before they had dried properly.)

Photos are 3 coats, no base color is needed. First 2 above are taken in shaded natural light, photo below is in full sunlight.

Crows Toes can be purchased at Llarowe and Overall Beauty.


  1. What a elegant, gorgeous dark blue glitter. I'd love to wear this to a black tie ball - it just screams dancing someplace posh at midnight to me.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Great colour! I think it's the mix of dark and brighter blue that makes it that little bit special.
    K x

  3. this is going to sound crazy-- but if you still have this polish and are willing to sell it, I would LOVE to buy it from you. My friend needs it to complete her CrowsToes collection and I'm trying to surprise her!!


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