Monday, February 25, 2013

Gelish Bella's Vampire


Another wear test with gel polish. This time Bella's Vampire by Gelish.
First the bad bits.
This formula was nothing like I had experienced before. It was watery. The first coat just seperated into nothing! I re-swiped a thicker coat and it seperated again, also webbing near the cuticle area. I cured it anyway, thinkig another coat would fix it. The second cured coat did the same thing: webbed at the cuticles, watery and seperated over the nail. By this time I was starting to get very frustrated and peed off. The third THICK coat brought it all together but the wateriness at the cuticles just could not be fixed, you can see a little bit of the effect in the photos.   A very thin fourth cured coat fixed most of the cuticles.

The good bits.
The color is gorgeous! And the above 3 photos are 10 days later. Some of the glossiness has gone, but the wear was fantastic. Even at the tips there is hardly anything and that was without even wrapping them.
Just to recap my gel applying method:  I started with Gelish base coat and cured for 1 minute under a UV lamp. 4 coats of Gelish Bella's Vampire , each coat cured for 1.5 minutes, and finished with Gelish Top coat cured for 2 minutes.
Has anybody else experienced watery gel polish formula before?


  1. Having never used Gelish I must say that the Gelicious have never given me this problem - the formula on all I've used is fantastic and glides on like butter while allowing easy clean up before curing if I'm a bit sloppy - particularly on my right hand :)

  2. The colour is gorgeous for sure! I'm sorry though that it was such a battle to get it too look this good. I'd take a too thick polish over a watery one pretty much any day.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Sucks about the issues but it looks amazing!


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