Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shoes Day!

My Miss L Fire 'Tropicana' heels are perfect for keeping The Sexiest Man in line.
The Tropicanas have scrolled detailing with seeds beads sewed on all over and are extremely comfortable.  They also match all my vintage hawaiian and Tiki themed outfits perfectly.

You have already seen this outfit photo, but it's a good one with these shoes.

These Poetic License wedges are a great match for my vintage wardrobe, with their Hawaiian look.  You can't really tell from my small photo, but the shoe has a gold shimmer and the flowers are raffia.  I need to find a HUGE raffia beach bag to match them!

This dress was featured in my last post.  Aren't novelty prints divine?


  1. Those Tropicana shoes are fabulous!I LOVE novelty prints. So much so that I feel odd wearing solid colors.

    I got a pair of Poetic Justice heels with a glitter heel and cherry accent for $15 used. I love the shape of the heel and are relatively comfy to walk in.

    1. OOh, those shoes sound FAB! I love anything with cherries on it, but especially shoes!

  2. You have the most amazing shoe collection!!! Seriously, I think it would knock the socks off of Carmen Miranda and Imelda Marcos alike.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Gorgeous!! I am so behind on my shoesday posts and posts in general! And I love the pic of you and the Mr!

  4. You always have such cute shoes!

  5. Novelty prints definitely are divine! I LOVE the first dress! So cute. You always have the coolest shoes! :)



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