Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Evening Photo Shoot

Look at me, I'm doing I'm holding the sun in the palm of my hand trick!

50's Chevron dress, Miss L Fire shoes, Etsy handmade Roses haircomb.  Unbrushed hair.

Handmade ballerina tutu from a local Market.
 Just going crazy.


  1. She has red high heels on?!!!! OMG, why weren't you MY mother? I love high heels and wasn't allowed to wear anything like sandals, open toed shoes, heels, or especially those red heels! I would be in Princess heaven wearing the outfits the girls have on and the red heels! Did you make those dresses? They are both adorably cute. I like the holo dots on the tutu that reflect the different colors and the red floral print looks like a stamped nail (IDEA! maybe I should do a mani inspired by the pic) and the hearts on her tights - soo cute. Your striped dress is cute too and I love those colors. Pretty pretty robin's egg blue shoes and flower.

    1. Thanks Cindy! Nope, I cant, and refuse, to sew. A holograhic polkadotted mani is a fab idea!

  2. Great dress! x


  3. Your girls look so much like you! They are too adorable!

    I like vintage stripe dresses and skirts. This one is really cute.

  4. Ladies, you all look so fabulous! Very pretty lighting for this wonderful cusp-of-dusk photo shoot.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. So so adorable. Love all the dresses. :)

  6. Your shoes are such a beautiful shade of blue!


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