Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Vintage Vamps Lipstick Swatches

Super schmexy Vampy lips! Altho I don't have a million of them, there are enough to swatch and show that I even have a couple of dupes, after thinking I was careful enough to avoid dupes.
Left to Right in natural light: Sleek Smother, MAC Rebel, Sleek Cherry, Besame Cherry Red, Manic Panis Kiss of Death, MAC Dark Side, MAC Media, BYS Rhumba, MAC Black Knight and Evil Shades Corset.
In natural light with flash.
 MAC Rebel, Sleek Cherry, Besame Cherry Red, Manic Panis Kiss of Death.

To me, MAC Rebel and Sleek Cherry are pretty much dupes.  Not enough of a difference to go out and buy both anyway...in my opinion.  I'd pick Sleek over MAC as it's $6.49 compared to $40 RRP in Australia. 

Besame Cherry Red is a brighter Burgundy.  Honestly, the color was a little bit of a letdown when it arrived.  For something I paid $22 for, I did have to swipe a few times for it to become as opaque as the swatch above, and it's not a unique color.

Manic Panic Kiss of Death. I would probably put this into my Red section of my lipsticks, but it's a tad vampy enough for it to qualify.  Pigmentation is good. $12 RRP

MAC Dark Side, MAC Media, BYS Rhumba (middle 3) in Natural light.

Artificial light.
MAC Dark Side and MAC Media are another 2 that are too similar for my liking.  Hate realising I have wasted money!  Both are dark and creamy and are typically fab MAC lippes.  $40 RRP within Australia.
BYS Rhumba is an Aussie brand which retail thri lippies are around $2.95 - $3.95.  Rhumba is an excellent stay at home shade, or a rosier neutral when you want to stay natural looking but have a natural lip color the shade of death.

MAC Black Knight and Evil Shades Corset.
MAC Black Knight is a sample tube from The Body Needs and am I glad I only got a sample tube!  It's very wishy washy and not as all fabulously pigmented.  I'm not familair with black lipsticks, maybe this one is meant to be like a gloss?  $22 eBay or $40 instore Australia.
Evil Shades Corset is an almost black Burgundy.  I got a sample tub in this color and don't have a lot to play with, so this swatch is a single swipe.  To see a better swatch, click on the link.

And just because, here are my 3 Purples:
Sleek Exxxagerrate, Sleek Mystic, MAC Rebel, SMAC Violetta in natural light.

Artificial light.
Sleek Exxxagerate.  This is the first Sleek color I have been disappointed with.  The online color looks NOTHING like the actual, grrrr.  This color is way too dusky and dark for my coloring and I look like a The Walking Dead.  But pigmentation, as always with Sleek, is fantastic.  $6.49
Sleek Mystic is a very regularly used color.  It's bright, FANTABULOUS and always gets comments every time I wear it.  I think I have directed more people to a website with this color than anything else.  (OK, maybe MAC when I wear Russian Red).  This color is a must have.  $6.49
MAC Rebel is in this section as well as the Vamps above...I was probably a little tired of it all by then.
MAC Violetta is in the same tones as Exxxageratte but a little brighter.  Again, this color does not suit me so I was glad to have first purchased this in a sample tube from The Body Needs for $3.
Which shades do you guys own and love?

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  1. Your side-by-side reviews are such an enjoyable way to see a range of similar hues, dear gal. I've long been a sucker for a vampy shade, too, of which my personal favourite for a few years now has been MAC's Diva.

    ♥ Jessica


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