Sunday, April 21, 2013

KARPATI Grape Wine Review

So....this arrived in the mail.  Funky.

You hold it like between your fingers like this while painting your nails.  Unfortunately, it's as uncomfortable as heck.  And resulted in a mess of a paint job!

This was 3 coats of Grape Wine, and this was the good hand photo!  The bottle setup was just too uncomfy to paint my nails properly.  I really don't think I'll be using this color again.  It was cool to try out tho and props to Karpati for thinking outside the box!

Has anybody else tried this line and what did you think of the bottle?


  1. Cool idea, but for some reason wearing an open bottle of np on your hand while painting seems like a really bad (read: messy) idea... I can see it now, someones phone rings, and they get np down the back of her arm/hair ect... not to mention if you have kids!! pass for me!

  2. Is there anyway you can pop the plastic casing open at the crease to get the polish bottle out? I think it's an interesting concept but probably would be better if the bottom part that holds your fingers wasn't hard plastic..

  3. That's a nice colour polish! I have one polish of theres. I didn't like the bottle either, it just felt very awkward. I move my hands around a lot and I felt I was going to spill it all the time :/ I can see where they are coming from for the design and as you said good on them for thinking of a different concept :)

  4. Neat idea on the bottle design for sure (it makes me think of how they might have envision nail polish bottles to look in the future on Star Trek), such a shame it isn't more practical. It does make one think though about if there's a need to revamp the more classic style bottles or simply leave well enough alone.

    ♥ Jessica


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