Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orange Lipstick Comparison Swatches

I also swatched my oranges while cleaning out my make up case the other day, and a few were interested in swatches.   Orange lipstick is a color I only started wearing about a year ago.  I didn't deem it vintage enough to try, but I always now put Orange lippie on if there is a snippet of it somewhere in what I am wearing over a Red.
They are from Left to Right: Sleek Tangerine Scream, Sleek OMG, MAC Morange, MAC So Chaud and MAC Lady Danger.

Sleek Tangerine Scream, Sleek OMG, MAC Morange in natural light.
And under artificial light.
Sleek Tangerine Scream. Once again, Sleek really do have the most intensely pigmented colors.  For $6.49 they are a HUGE bargain.  This color only needs one swipe to be opaque and a true bright Orange.
Sleek OMG.  This is a darker orange with a red hue.  Against my true Orange lipliner, there is a difference but I prefer this shade over Tangerine Scream.  It's also matte so it's not shiny. RRP $6.49
MAC Morange is a sheen and intensely bright.  It looks a little weird on my pale skin so I'm glad I tried this in a sample tube from The Body Needs first as I would have regretted buying a full size. $3
MAC Morange, MAC So Chaud and MAC Lady Danger under artificial light.
Under natural light.
MAC So Chaud is a darker orange and is nice when I want to wear an Orange that isn't so intense.  It's a color that would look fabulous on a darker skin tone.  I also got this in a sample tube.  $3
MAC Lady Danger.  This was a tricky color for me to find, it was always sold out at every MAC counter I tried in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore!  I eventually purchased it on eBay for $22.  I know a lot of girls wear this color as their RED, but on me it looks truely Orange.  It does match my MAC Cherry lipliner tho!  It's a color I wear often.

Which Orange suits you best?


  1. I'm pretty sure Mac Lady Danger is a Pro products, so you can only find them in Pro stores. Maybe thats why you can't find it?

  2. I love orange lipsticks! I had a huge phase of grabbing all the ones I could find because they weren't that available before. I think these couple years it's really taken off and becoming popular!

  3. I just got the orange from the Hailey williams collection and saying it is interesting is an understatement :) Still I was surprised how well I could pull of that extrememly bright orange.

  4. Coral and orange lippies rarely work with my skin colouring, but gosh if this lovely comparison post doesn't have me yearning to give orange lipstick a spin again. Of all those described here, I sense that Lady Danger might be my best bet.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I'm loving these lippie posts ♥

  6. lovely post! am drooling over all the shades! :)

  7. I really love the look of the two Sleek lippies! Gorgeous. How long do those MAC samples last? I am tempted to give Morange a chance.


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