Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Full Day of Antiquing

For the first time since the kids have been born, we spent an absolute FULL day doing all the antique stores in Geelong.  The Sexy Man and I loved it but the kids got a little sick of it, altho they were such troopers. 
We promised them the whole next day at the beach and the following helped immensely:

Giving Miss 5 her own camera to photograph all her favourite things.  This kept her quiet for hours!  I wished we had thought of it 10 years ago.....

And letting Miss 12 take her book along and dumping her in a chair in the shop somewhere.

A vintage plus size mannequin

My dream table!  It had been fully restored too....but also had a fully restored price tag.

Freaky clowns.

Another super cute set which I'd have also liked.

I'll be back?

A 50's caravan, still all original. 

Clothes stacked to the ceiling.  None of this was out for was all very frustrating.

Advertising tins.  I have almost all of these in my collection!


Um, yes.

And lastly, we zipped into a modern homewares and reproductions store and a good bulk of their furniture was 60's inspired.  I loved the Ivory and Blue setting, but they were all horrendously expensive.

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  1. To give my own take to the classic line from Jerry McGuire, you had me at "A full day of antiquing".

    Oh what a gloriously fun, history filled, endlessly lovely way to spend a day. I would though, just like yourself, have been frustrated at seeing all those items of clothing piled up out of reach like that. One can't help but wonder what treasures may lay there just waiting to be found and brought home by a vintage lover like yourself.

    ♥ Jessica


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