Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's My 1000th Post So I Think A Giveaway Is Called For!

Eeeek!  Have I really spent that much time on this blog??  So yes, this is my 1,000th blog post and I felt that it should be spent giving something away.  This prize has been sponsored by Ulta3, a super fab and super cheap makeup brand here in Australia. 

It's the Ulta3 BIG BOOK OF NAILS!
There are 16 polishes in this custom made box with 3 how-to tutorials on the latest nail trends.

The bad thing is, due to Custom regulations, this prize cannot be shipped out of Australia...I am so terribly sorry for my non Australian followers.  I will make it up to you by having an International giveaway very soon.

How to Enter:

1.  Leave a comment with your Following name and email address. MANDATORY
2.  Re blog/Facebook/Instagram/Tweet this post for an extra 3 entries. OPTIONAL
3.  Follow me on Instagram, @konadlicious, for an extra 2 entries.  (I'm vain and just want lots of followers.) OPTIONAL

Prize will be shipped by me to the winner with tracked post Australia wide.
Entries close on the 15th of Sept and the winners name will be blogged on the 16th.



  1. 1000 posts!! That's epic! Well done!

  2. Congrats on the 1000 posts - that's amazing!!! I am so glad to see this - I had no idea you were on instagram.

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  4. Wow, 1000 posts, you are a star, and your nails are to die for:-)

  5. Wow, 1000 posts, you are a star, and your nails are to die for:-)

  6. wow congrats on 1000 posts, love your blog. :-) now to add you on instagram

  7. Congratulations on achieving 1000 posts, that's a pretty big milestone! I've been reading your blog for a while now and I love all your creative posts. (Alicea and Jessie (Polish and Prejudice))

  8. Hey! Beccie Leathley here from Sew Retro Rose! Congratulations on the 1,000 posts - I'm only on 135 so its gonna take me ages to get to 1,000!!! I follow you on bloglovin AND Instagram :)

  9. I won't enter as I live in Canada, but well done on your 1000th post! :)

  10. hahaha and here was me getting all excited about my upcoming 100th post, 1000 wow! Congratulations!

  11. Congratulations on your 1000th post!


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