Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Essence Me & My Ice Cream Collection

Essence sent me a preview of their new Me and My Ice Cream Collection!  Pastels are HUGE now that it's hot warm weather here in Oz.  And the 'beads' nail trend seem to be everywhere you look in the cosmetic aisles.
I got the Ice cream nail topping stickers, which look like sprinkles.
From left to right: Ice, Ice Baby which is a pale Lilac, Icylicious is a Peach and Ben & Cherries is a barely there pale Pink.

 Each color needed 4 coats to become opaque.  But that nail sticker was NOT going anywhere anytime soon.  After 3 days I had to really scrape that sucker off.

I then stamped with Konad white decorations of donuts, candy and cupcakes.  Unfortunately I didn't have an ice-cream stamp.  Finished with a few rhinestones.

This photo shows the nail topping sticker after 24 hours,  The tip has worn away a little, which was due to the sprinkles being on the very tip.   And a few of the sprinkle beads had flown off.  I am looking forward to trying more Essence nail stickers, if released, as the wear on them was extremely impressive.

The Me and My Ice-Cream collection is out on Counter October/November, and exclusive to Priceline.


  1. These are so sweet and darling! Many of the fashion designers and modern clothing shops are trying to push pastels for fall this year here in North America, I've noticed. With a few exceptions (dusty peach and cream, for example), I just can't roll with that mindset. I love pastels and I adore fall, but more often then not, I want them at very separate times of the year when it comes to clothing.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. This is so pretty! I've already managed to get the entire nail polish collection! xx

  3. Wonderful colors and I LOVE the idea of a texture decal as when I tried the real thing they bothered me to no end. I just rubbed every single one off :).


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