Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Exploring Melbourne


If you follow me on Instagram, @konadlicious, you will have been bombarded last weekend with Melbourne photos.  My sisters flew down from Queensland for a long weekend and we spent a girly day shopping and exploring alleyways in the Melbourne CBD.
This laneway is in Bourke St Mall.

 Sheesh, my boobs look MASSIVE in this photo.
Bernie Dexter Dress, Vintage cowboy boots, Target cardi and Trashy Diva cat eye sunglasses.
Vintage belt, handbag and Bakelite.

This little alcove obviously comes alive at night reeked of urine and used condoms.  Poo!

My favourite place to go in the CBD is this little arcade.  I can't remember the name, all I know it by is Gog and Magog Arcade!  Mum used to take us here when we were little and the architecture hasn't changed.  This little arcade is fabulous!  It even has an Op shop alongside boutique places, jewellery stores and yummy cafes.

I Love Melbourne lollies from Suga!
Matroushka Dolls from Russia.

 Metal Couture Jewellery.  The Sexy Man was given this artist's business card (by me) as a hint.

Yum Cha for lunch in Chinatown.

My favourite graffiti laneway, in Chinatown.

And of course, a trip to Melbourne would not be complete without going into the HUGE DAISO store!  $2.80 EVERYTHING!! Yay! 

Serve yourself froyo to reward ourselves for all our hard slogging.
I have a few more photos for you next post.


  1. Ohhhh that dress! Hehe I finally bought one for myself the other day, seeing it on you makes me so excited to wear mine :D
    Those alleyways are definitely very interesting, we don't have anything like this in Brisbane!

  2. Looks like the Block or Royal Arcade, I can't remember which is which now. I really hope your shoes didn't get stained with laneway gunk! Yuk!

    1. I think it's the Royal....maybe?? No gunk but a few stinky things were in there.

    2. Yes it's the Royal and you look amazing in all the pics, and thanks for a most welcome glimpse of Melb!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed Melbourne! Pretty sure that's the Royal Arcade (although like Grande Dame now that she mentioned both names, I can't be sure!) That Macaron store is my favourite! xx

    1. I didn't get any macaron's, only lollies from Suga (my fave lolly store).

  4. looks like you had a great time there. ... love the picture with the crocodile!
    ... and your outfit. is so beautiful and fun.

  5. Daiso is so awesome! There's one in my husband's home town in California. I try to go to it every time we visit family. They have such awesome tings at a great price.


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