Monday, July 12, 2010

L.A Colors Power Outage

L.A Colors is a cheap brand to order from Cherry Culture, but the formula is comparable to expensive brands and they have a great range of colors. This is Power Outage from the Color Craze line, it's a gorgeous Fushcia Red with a pink and blue shimmer. 2 coats with Yellow Konading and 1 coat of Seche QD.
I'm not happy with the stamping and the Yellow was a bit of a let-down with the red.


  1. i think it looks fab but i know what you mean about Konad yellow. i can't get it to look good over anything.

  2. I haven't tried the KOnad Yellow yet.
    I love this konadicure though!


  3. I like this mani, even though you might not. It looks really cute and that colour is definitely lovely!

  4. I agree Joan
    I think the mani looks great!!!
    The yellow looks more of a mustard colour but its nice.

  5. I thought the color was orange at first but that would make sense considering it's yellow over red. The LA Colors line looks like they have some nice colors.

  6. That colour is cute! I love L.A. Colors! It only cost 99p over here in the UK. Their range of colours is superb! Their quality is next to some quality brands. "Live" is also Konadable. I recently have a metallic L.A. Colors mini haul, you can see my swatches and review on my blog!

  7. Stylishly yours, I am yr first follower!

    Thanks Joan,Alexi,Enamelgirl, Freshie, Tassa & Fierce, the colors didn't grow on disappeared last nite!

  8. cute !!
    i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!


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