Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Orly Enchanted Forest & Skinfood Holo

I got this in a mini swap with one of my lovely followers, Dorlene from QLD. This was on my wish list and I think it's gorgeous, Orly Enchanted Forest in 2 coats. A tiny bit of Orly Glam Rock Konading on the ring fingers, no top coat.
Finish wise I am a little disappointed as a couple of nails have showable bubble pitt marks, I used no top coat which may have helped to smooth out the finish. I also had sheet marks the following morning, which has never happened to me before considering my nails are finished hours before I go to bed. Has anyone else had trouble with this color?

I had a disaster with my photography hand, yesterday I broke my pointer and middle nails off to the almost quick, putting my sneakers on of all things! So from now on, I have to include photos of my right hand, which will look horrible as I cannot hold and take photos with my left hand properly! It's a disaster!!
I included one pic of my poor nails (which actually don't look too bad in dark colored polish), but I am afraid you will have to bear with me and my substandard photos for a few weeks until my nails grow out a tad. Poor me :(

This holo grooviness was another swap from Dorlene, a brown holographic from a brand called SkinFood. I googled this brand and found that it is from Singapore, but they don't ship International and ebay don't have any on at the moment, so looks like this will be my one and only! The color looks similar to China Glaze TMI swatches that I have seen online.
The formula is very thin, this was 2 coats and could have done with a third at the very least. Lots of holo under articificial lights which is super nice.
Thanks Dorlene! xx


  1. I'm very fond of SkinFood. Swaps are the only way.
    I love all your pix today and rather like the muted holo with only 2 coats. Sometimes less is more.

  2. Very pretty! I've never heard of SkinFood before...always good to learn about other brands.

  3. Loved your konadicure today! That green is fab! Too bad about it left marks on your sheets. Sorry to hear about your fingers but no worries, I think the pictures are great.

  4. Those colors are both beautiful, but the green is so deep and beautiful!

    I feel your pain on the nails. I broke 4 or 5 within 24 hours the other day, so I cut them all back and am now waiting slowly for them to grow. At least I keep them fairly short anyway, so I don't have to wait all that long! :D

  5. Love the colours


  6. I adore Enchanted Forest. It needs a top coat to show at it's best. I applied it at night and topped it with Seche top coat and had perfect nails in the morning.

  7. Thanks guys for your commiserations on my nails!

    Ice queen, I have no idea why I didn't Seche as I always do, it def needed a topcoat. BTW, your nails look great in your pic!

  8. Such a pretty green. i wish I had a green like that.

  9. The Enchanted Forest looks fabulous! :)

    Have a safe trip and enjoy shopping!

  10. I was sure I had some skin food polish in my watch list - I went and had a look - do a search for nail vita and you get quite a lot :)

  11. The first time I saw skin food was on Wan's blog. They had so many lovely cremes


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