Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love em or Leave em & Beware of the Medallion!

I pulled out an untried, Color Club Love em or Leave em. This is a pale, pale Tan brown with a very, very slight holo to it...I thought it would have been more so I was a bit disappointed. 2 thins coats for perfectness, I love Color Club formula. Then I stamped Konad Chocolate Brown with a Bundle Monster plate and added Bronze glitter striping, topped off with a coat of Seche QD.
After the abuse my poor nails got before doing this mani (see below), I really did need something light and subtle!

OK, China Glaze Medallion is a super BLINGY, in ya face, GOLD Holographic Glitter. It's a clear base and it's CRAMMED full of multisized's pretty cool. I did 3 coats over nude nails and it covered them pretty much completely. For the whole 24 hours they were on my fingers, all I could think (and dread) about was the removal.....and removal really did SUCK bigtime. I used felt, velvet, cotton pads with Zoya Remove and they all barely worked. I scrubbed my poor, battered nails for over an hour before this glitter came off enough where I could file down the rest from the sides. Altho the polish overall was super cool, I can't bring myself to ever put this on my nails again.


  1. Such a lovely manicure.
    The glitter looks very pretty too but if removal is that hard, eeek *shudders*

  2. Holy Bronzed Babe, Batman!!! The bronze and brown are fabulous!!!!

    And even though the Medallion was a pistol, it looked good while you had it. Did you try the 'foil' method of removal? I saw it on a couple of other blogs. They put a well-soaked cotton ball with remover on the nail, then wrapped it with tin foil. ??? I think they said leave it on for 15 min. or so and it takes it right off. Haven't tried it myself but plan to next glittery-blingy mani I do.

  3. I love both manicures, they are sooooo beautiful!

  4. I love both your manis. The first one, it's very gorgeous! It seems like great fall colours. The second one is very shiny. It's so pretty!

  5. Pretty mani! Love the color combo.

    If you didn't try it already, I would definitely suggest using the foil method to remove glitter polishes. I've tried it the last time I wore a glitter topcoat and it really works well!

  6. Thanks heaps Kimberley and Cupcakequeen, I hadn't heard about the foil method before,but I will definately be trying it next time!

    Thanks Michelle, Carolina and Cel!

  7. i suggest the foil method too, but not for fifteen minutes, i guess that might be too long. lol. but it works most of the time, remember to moisturize after removal! the cuticles kinda hate such treatment, i feel :P


  8. I have to agree with the foil method. I've done straight glitter on my nails, layered to opacity, and using cotton and pure acetone, if I let it soak, I can usually get the most off within 3 swipes. I don't even use foil, I just sort of squish the cotton pad up and hold it on while I websurf.

    I know, I'm weird. But it works for me! :D

  9. That color is to die for!
    Just looking at the China Glaze polish on your nails made me cringe at the thought of the removal! Great job!


  10. this is so pretty! love it.. love the colors :D you are amazing with this

  11. Wow, I like both manicures, especially the first one! Nice work!<3

    Hey, have you joined my Essence Eclipse giveaway yet? If not here's a link:

  12. Thanks guys, I will let you all know how I go with foil next time.

    Thx Tiana, I'll go check out yr giveaway!

  13. Loving the Color Club Konad design. That's why I hate glitter polishes because they are so hard to remove.

  14. Um wow, that China Glaze looks incredible!! Must buy soon...

  15. I love the stripe you have done with that tip design.
    And I hardly ever wear glitters for that reason. I was also going to mention the foil method but I see you already have the info. Good luck if you do try it :D



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