Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Super Swap From Lacquer Lady!

The lovely Court from and I did a swap and mine has arrived first! I am sooo thrilled with what I got and Court cheekily and secretly wiped off some of my wish list for me, that naughty little minx!

She got me my highly coveted Massinni's in Slamming Red and Purple Medallion (look at that holo glitter shine peoples, DIVINE!), along with some Hidden Treasure (that brush is awesome and the flakies is way more packed with shine than Nfu-Oh makes, I am surprisingly impressed Sally H), loads of Wet n Wilds, Petites, a gorgeous holo glitter Finger Paints (this puts a beautifu holo shimmer over any color as the base is a very pale blue), a groovy Neon ChG which I had never see before and love, fimo sticks, nail stickers and some Duracolor nail stickers which I have always wanted to try.

And lookee at that HUGE bag of PEANUT BUTTER M&M'S! It says Medium on it but honestly, it's huge. Here in Oz this bag would have been labelled as KING sized.
And after my request, a packet of Twinkies. I had to know what all the fuss was about with Woody Harrelson trying to find one in Zombieland. But honestly guys, these are seriously disgusting! Blechhhhh! What was Woody thinking risking his life against zombies for one of these things???

Thanks again Court for an amazingly fun box, and I hope you feel better soon! xxxx


  1. Twinkies are just awful. But they make for cute moments in film. If you watch Wall-e closely, he feeds his pet cricket/cockroach? a twinkie. It's quite endearing, actually. :)

    And I'm doing loads better. Thanks for the love!! ^^

  2. Awesome swap! I would love to play!


  3. Nice! Can't wait to see some swatches! <3

  4. You lucky girl♥
    Looking forward to hearing the results.

  5. It's true, Twinkies are just bleah. Not the sort of thing you'd imagine someone would fight zombies for, certainly! But if you want something sweet that will last through eternity without changing, go for the twinkies. They're practically indestructible!

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I've followed you through GFC and I've added you to my blogroll at Your Konad manicures are so fun and inspiring! Thanks for doing what you do! :D

  6. lmho! When I saw the Twinkies I was like "ZOMBIELAND!!" I loved that movie, hahaha ^_^

    You got really awesome stuff there (I am so drooling over Slammin' Red) enjoy!

  7. Hey Court, it must be an in joke that Twinkies are so indestructible,,,they certainly tasted they could last for hundreds of years!

    Swatches are coming Tiana and Fierce, stay tuned!

    Thx Laynie, I am also your follower!

    Chocaddict, Slammin red is so coming!

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  9. Awesome swap haul! I'm drooling over the MAssini's


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