Saturday, July 17, 2010

Massini Slammin Red

Massini or Studio M Slammin Red is gorgeous in blog pictures and it was pretty much first on my Lemmings List. Once I got my greedy little hands on it thanks to the wonderful Lady Lacquer, aka Court, I couldn't wait to try it.
The color is gorgeous, a deep but vibrant red with loads of rainbow holographic glitter, but the formula is dreadful and about the worst I have ever come across! I added an obscene amount of thinner which seems to have done absolutely nothing for the thick gloopiness, and I was quite disappointed at the time thinking application was going to be a nightmare. But this mani is only 1 coat, it is and did apply thickly and gloopily but I manage to control it on the brush before applying it *slowly* around my nails.
This color is best under artificial lights where the holo shimmer is at it's strongest. In natural light it dims to a glittery red as the 2nd pic shows. However, it's not as 'blingy' as Purple Medallion and twice as 'rough' in the glitter. This mani had 2 coats of Seche QD and it needed another 2 more at least to get a smooth finish.


  1. Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! It's definitely going on my wishlist.

  2. Love it! The only problem I had with mine is that it dried matte. I applied topcoat and that solved the problem.

  3. I love that. I really really need to find me some.

  4. That's pretty but I think I prefer Purple Medallion, that one was just so stunning! I love the glitter look but usually avoid because I can't imagine the nuisance of removing.

  5. Stunning. Looks absolutely stunning on you! :D


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