Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Long Weekend Snagging Thrifty Bargains!

Recently we holiday'd at the beach....beach in Winter makes for lots of vintage hunting...cause you can't go to the beach.  So we found some goodies!

A plethora of kitschy crap!  Including puppies on leashes, Cat biscuit barrels, creepy clown shakers and squirrels!

1930's Japan ugly face tea set, minus a few pieces.

A massive West German pottery floor vase in gorgeous drip glaze colors.  I am so in love with German 60's pottery, especially the bold color pieces.

A job lot of 50's Nally Ware harlequin canisters I purchased to sell I have enough of my own.

And this may just look like a pink bowl, but it's a 1940's Sunbeam mixer bowl for the pink mixer.  These bowls sell for big money with one recently going for $140 on eBay.  I snagged this one for $10 in an Op Shop.

What bargains have you guys snagged??


  1. A lot of records! 28 LP's with fifties music for only 1 dollar each. :)

  2. I LOVE the kitty cookie jar!!! So cute. Great finds!

  3. OMG how much are you selling the Nally Ware for??? Plus the dreaded shipping?? CANNOT get any here, and I lust for them!!! Again, why do you have to have such amazing, perfect taste, AND why can't you live closer?? We'd have so much fun!


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