Sunday, July 6, 2014

Spectacular Thrifty Finds!

Driving through my town last Saturday saw me stumble on a Car Boot sale and me finding these fantastically wonderful 1950's Lucite sunglasses, encrusted with rhinestones!  To find anything like this in a Vintage shop within Australia is extremely rare, so to nab them at a local car boot jumble is a find in a lifetime.  They are in perfect condition with no missing rhinestones.  They are big, blinged out, and in ya' they are completely ME.  I love them!

I found a 60's playsuit in deadstock condition at an Op Shop for $4.  They fit Miss 12 perfectly and she accessorised them with fake spectacles.

I can never pass up pretty embroidered things!  I found all these tablecloths, doilies and a cross stitch at one Op Shop for $12 total.

A fabulous mink and wool coat dated 1973 from an Op shop for $20.

And another kitsch squirrel to add to my Kitsch collection!  He has acorn salt and pepper shakers on his tree.  I also nabbed a 1940's How To decorate a cake booklet for $5.

How has everyone else's thrift luck been lately?


  1. I have been extremely lucky today, bought 28 (!!!) LP's for about USD 20. And it is all my favourite vintage music. Normally, I always find crabby eighties music, so I'm still dancing. I also bought a pair of sandals, a nail polish, mittens, a year book from m own birth year, and a brand new lipstick. I ADORE sun glasses! You look fantastic. :)

    1. Yay for HEAPS of thrifty scores! It leaves you on a high!

  2. I have not thrifted in forever. Saving up for my August Portland trip! These are fabulous finds!

  3. Those glasses are stop-you-in-your-tracks sensational!!! Oh my word!!! Love, love, love!!! Maybe it's the sizzling summer heat, which suits sparkle so well, but I'm in the biggest bling mood right now so these are making me go weak in the knees even more than usual. Awesome finds across the board, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica


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