Thursday, July 10, 2014

Suavecita Pomade For Ladies....and Wolverines

 Suavecita Pomade recently sent me a tub of their pomade to test drive.  It was a little exciting, yet daunting, as I am not a pomade 'person'.  This is due to not really knowing how it's used as opposed to spraying the crap out of my hairstyle with hairspray.
The opportunity came along with Miss 13 wanting to dress as Wolverine to last weekend's Melbourne Comic Con.  She wanted super high Victory Rolls to simulate Logan's swept back hairdo.
Pretty cool hey?
To get this look I first crimped her hair the night before with a 'fine crimp' crimper.  This gets the hair super thick which gets us the volume we need to sweep the hair up.  Bu the next morning her hair had lost a lot of it's volume (doh!) but there was still enough to achieve a roll.
I sectioned her hair down the middle and swept each side up, rolling as I went down the hair and securing with bobby pins.  Both sections met in the middle at the back of the head in a V shape.

This is where Suavecita pomade came to the test! 

At first opening, Miss 13 said it smelt really nice.  The texture is quite sticky immediately, and even after smoothing a glob of it around my fingers for awhile, I knew this pomade was going to hold any these rolls and any stray hairs in place.  I swept the product up, over and along each of the rolls, right to the end to secure their shape.  I then took a smaller second glob, smoothed it in my hands, then rang my hands up and over both rolls again to secure any stray hairs I missed the first time.

I thought pomade would make my hair look stiff but as you can see, the pomade didn't make Miss 13's hair look stiff at all.  Her hair was secure without looking wet and gel like.  She was at Comic Con for 10 hours and it held up the whole time!

So my first foray in the pomade world wasn't too scary after all.  I was quite impressed with the product.  The smell was nice, it was a pretty pink color and not an icky brown, you only need a very small glob so this tub will last forever and it held hair in place without looking like gel.

Miss 13 thought she looked pretty good.

Suavecita Pomade has it's own website selling products for men and women of all ages.  The pomade I reviewed retails for $11.99 USD.  They can also be found on Facebook and on Instagram.

Does anybody use Suavecito and what do you think?


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