Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yeahhhhh Baby in 1960's Pop Mod

Winter sees me grabbing for my 60's gear.  1950's is my look, but let's face's not really made for cold weather.  A cupcake dress under a thick coat, tights and a wooly hat is not the 50's best look.  1960's on the other hand, is made from warmer fabrics, there is no shortage of finding long sleeve dresses and knee high boots and leopard print coats were MADE for this era.


60's Pop Mod Dress: eBay
60's Leopard Coat & Vintage Leather Belt: Garage sale
Boots: RMK 10 years ago
Tights: eBay
Bakelite: Here, There and Everywhere
Sunnies: Kenzo knockoffs from Phuket


  1. you are so skinny! are you on a special diet?

    1. Thanks Carinuchi! But these must be good pics because its been a loooong time since I could be called skinny. And I'm not vegan. Thanks for the confidence boost!


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