Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Making Jewellery, Bakelite, Flowers and Trashy Diva

I made this necklace!  I had a handful of old Bakelite blobs, dice, blocks and shapes I got with an auction lot a long time ago.  I had plans of making them into a chunky bracelet so I drilled holes through the lot.  After making a bracelet, it really didn't look fabulous so I took it apart, wired them onto headpins and made a 40's style cha-cha necklace instead.  Much nicer, yes?

It matched nicely with my Trashy Diva Walk in the Park dress.  I added platform Miss L Fire shoes, warm tights, a cardi and lots of flowers.

Isn't Bakelite divine?
Dress: Trashy Diva
Cardi: Modcloth
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Hair Flowers: Dynamite-darling, eBay
Bakelite: Here, there and Everywhere


  1. Haha! Your last pic matches my Sunday bakelite/walk in the park picture on Instagram! We have such good taste. ;) And could you stop being so stinkin' gorgeous and talented!! You're fabulous!!!!

  2. Fabulous outfit Darlin'! Love the DIY Bakelite necklace!

  3. Really, really fabulous handmade necklace! It strikes me, and I say this in a totally positive way, as something Wilma Flintstone might have sported if Bedrock had Bakelite.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. You are alwáys fabulously put together.


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