Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to school!

Here are Isabelle's back to school nails all ready for tomorrow. Sportsgirl Hawaiian blue and Sportsgirl Envy with Black Pearl Konad and glitter.

And mine are more subdued in Rimmel Pro Hypnotise with Konad gold graffiti.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Purple Zebra

I have bought heaps of new colors lately but I came back to Flying Dragon by China Glaze and did my fingers and toes in this Konad yellow zebra pattern. It's a weird color, I'm sure it's not meant to be matte but it goes that way with me. It's got beautiful pink and blue flecks thru it tho!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Short and Sweet

I got OMG by China Glaze in the mail last week and used it with a low key corset KOnad stamp. I'm a bit disappointed with the color after all the hype, it looks a boring grey if not in direct light or sunlight. But when it is the light, it sure does sparkle rainbow colors!

And I found this fuzzy iphone photo the other day while cleaning my's when I had gel nails with rainbow tips and before I discovered Konad (and thus no more salon visits). I got these done for my last glass show and got heaps of comments! They were pretty cool!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wasting an arvo on the kid's nails

Georgia came over to play with Isabelle and needed her nails done! She chose Bahama blue from Sportsgirl with Konad white and Aqua glitter. She has such perfect little skinny, long's not fair!

And these are my gorgeous Isabelle's. She chose Fuschia by Pulse with Yellow Konad and Hot Pink glitter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This one is cool. Flying Dragon base by China Glaze with Konad white and silver glitter detail. Flying dragon has tiny little rainbow glitter thru it, it's a gorgeous color but dries matte which I don't like, but with a clear coating it comes up glossy.

These are Lara's nails. I convinced her to go Konad gold with the black graffiti.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jodie's Nails!

Now we all know Jodie doesn't have painted nails...but even Jodes couldn't resist a Konadicure...and next time she's vowed to go BOLDER! Go Jodie!
She picked a base of Sunset Tide by STUF with Konad white flowers. I put some silver glitter in the middle of each flower and finished off her ring fingers with a rhinestone each. Cool bananas!

It's real hard doing full Konad nails on yourself, and I still really suck at doing it properly! Mine have a base of Ivory with Konad black piano keys and music notes. Anyone wanna volunteer to be my personal manicurist??!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I went the red and white love theme for my wedding anniversary this week!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls Nail Day!

OK, had a few girls over and of course we had to do our nails. Deb has a base of Pulse Fuschia with Konad white.

Lara has Pulse red with Konad white in cute footprints and LOVE....awwww!

Naomi has a base of Designer Brands Amythest with Konad white bamboo from the Japanese plate.

And I went all white trash with the Hello Kitty thing. It even looks trashy! It's very diffiult lining up a Kitty all by yourself one handed.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And Isabelle's new nails look FAB! Just a cheapie black with white Konad bubbles and a wipe of Pink fun!

The latest Konadicure! I found a groovy Mint green from Sportsgirl yesterday and added Konad Black Pearl.

And my toenails get a mention. Sportsgirl Jade with adorable Hello Kittys!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Konad Party!

Last night was Konad fun at a friends house. Thanks Michelle for yummy chicken pie!
Here are her nails with Konad Princess gold base and Konad Black Pearl detail.

And these are Court's nails in Mauve by Pulse Pharmacy and Konad black pearl.

And Georgia's nails in Fuschia by Pulse pharmacy and Konad white. Cool bubbles!

One more for today

My latest nails for this week! Fuschia from Pulse Pharmacy with Konad black checkerboards. Pulse Pharmacy's range of polish is extremely professional. It takes 2 coats for a thick and streakfree finish. They are priced at $5.95 which is a steal for the quality. I'm still looking for a clean up solution. The pen just drags the black around instead of mopping it up.

On a Roll....!

This one turned out great! Konad Gold with Konad Black. The gold has tiny rainbow shimmers thru it, it's gorgeous. This konadicure got a lot of comments!!
The first pic shows my daughters nails intertwined with mine, her base is Konad black with Konad white.


This base was Mauve by Pulse Pharmacy with Avon Warm black for the Konad. You can see the Avon didn't Konad very well, next time I'll stick with Konad special Black.

Second attempt....

The second attempt went on in a matter of a couple of days, just had to keep playing! The base of this one is Avon Warm Black with Konad special white. The white turned out not so opaque over the black, it had a slight grey tinge to it.

First ever Konadicure

OK, this is my first attempt at Konadicure-ing. The base is Avon Tangtastic with Konad special white for the roses. Avon Tangtastic is a FAB color and thickly coats with no streaking. I still need to get the hang of cleaning around the nails, I'm using a corrector pen...anyone got any tips??