Thursday, May 31, 2012

AquaDaisy Purple Heart

So, there is this gorgeous Mum and Daughter team on Etsy called Aqua Daisy. They make gorgeous colored nail polish as well as hair accessories. Daughter Emmy makes everything and her Mum handles the selling and shipping.
Gorgeous! That is something I would love to do for my daughter someday.

I ordered a few of Emmy's polishes and this is the first I am showing: Purple Heart.
 " This is a 3-free, handblended nail polish. It features a warm purple jelly base with glitter in yellow gold, holo gold, and rose gold. Several sizes and shapes give this polish a lively depth."

This was 3 coats and a coat of Seche QD. After looking at these Macro photos, I went and added another coat of Seche. It didn't look wrinkly in real life, but Macro shows everything. Love everything about this one. The color, the glitter...yum.

Emmy's stock photo which shows the color at it's best.

Who else has ordered from Emmy?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

China Glaze Prismatics Over Black

You all know I'm pretty obsessed with China Glaze's new Prismatic glitters and had a hankering for another manivure with them, but this time over a coat of black.

Left to Right: Prism, Full Spectrum, Ray-Diant and Liquid Crystal.  The other hand had them in opposite order.

And under artificial light.

Who else is loving the Prismatic collection?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love Vintage Fair, Melbourne

It's been a whole year since the last Love Vintage! How depressing that it only feels like a couple of months ago! This year the layout was much more impressive in a gorgeous building, The old Exhibition Centre.

Fre-Mor seed bead purses. I have been lusting after one for ages but these babies were around $400 each.

Prices were much nicer this year, it seemed. I remember dresses being an average of $200 up for a day dress but I noticed this time prices seemed to hover around $150.

We tried on some fox stoles. The Sexiest Man On The Planet looked rather gorgeous, if not a little like a pimp.

A few of my favourite items from the day:

This was almost $4000. Oh, to be rich!

Part of the Exhibition building's painted ceiling.

The LIndy Charm School demo'd makeovers

Burlesque performer Foxtrot India.

Miss 10 wore a Deco inspired dress with cutout patterned tights and a 50's fedora. She has started to dress in vintage clothes and it's something I am encouraging.

Miss 3 wore a ballet tutu, of course, she goes everywhere in a tutu.

Sexiest Man wore a 60's woolen suit with a 50's fedora.

And I opted for something super bright and eye catching in my 50's polka-dotted circle dress and sparkling gold lucite purse.

It was a great day even tho I spent.....$20!  On hair setting lotion!!  Husband was ecstatic.  We then went to the Musuem, anybody interested in photos of that?

Monday, May 28, 2012

China Glaze Electrify

I really can't express, with my limited vocabulary, how much I adore this polish. I had several enquiries when I did this post as to what color I was wearing, and this is it. Expect your hands to be grabbed continuously by people demanding to know what color it is.

In sunlight.  It is unbelievably sparkly warkly.

In shaded natural light.  Finished with a coat of Seche QD.
Have you gone and purchased it yet?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Keeping It Minimal

Again, the lure of yellow called to me from Leah's shop in the form of this wiggle dress. It has an absolute huge collar, which does not suit me at all, so I turned it under and pinned it at the front.

The back shows how long this collar is.   More like a mini shawl really.  I also had plans on removing the bow at the front and replacing it with a brooch, but the bow grew on me.

This is a pretty minimal look for me: straightened hair, no jewellery and plain black shoes.  It's nice keping it simple sometimes.  Sometimes.

Dress: Bell's Belles Vintage
Shoes: Rebel London
Stockings: Leg Avenue

Saturday, May 26, 2012

HUGE Blog Sale!

I have recently purged my polishes and they are all for sale on the BLOG SALE page. There are some HTF and discontinued items there as well as a great selection of Aussie branded colors.

Please buy them....or Bettie will whip your bottom!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Art Of Elegance Fair

Recently was the second Art Of Elegance Fair in Maryborough. Of course, we went.

Caleb from Fanny's Flat looking fabulous as usual.

Fanny's Flat stall was featuring the most gorgeous knee high boots. The Sexiest Man On The Planet couldn't be bothered trying any on but regretted it later. He now wants a pair of jodhpurs.

I met Miss Ruby Rabbit and Miss Lulu Pincurls who were doing vintage makeovers.

I got a cute 50s novelty apron from the Reclaimed Room along with a fab Scotty dog brooch.

I gots lots of lovely items at this trestle table heaped with jewellery.

Playing around outside the Town Hall.

The Fair is a lovely little day out for us, especially with it being only half an hour away from where we live. Usually vintage outings are in Melbourne and I don't get to go to all of them. It was also nice to visit Maryborough as I had never actually visited before. The Fair itself was hard to find. There was no signage anywhere and when we finally found the Town Hall, there were no posters outside the venue, making us wonder if we had got the town wrong and it was actually back in Dunolly.
I was glad to see the antique traders back again as they are the reason we go along.  I hope they traded well being down in the basement! 

My new strawberries knitted top I found on ebay recently to match my strawberries purse.  Sweaters don't usually agree with my boobs, but this one does up with buttons on the back and fits very nicely without making my girls look too massive. The deer novelty skirt is also a recent purchase.

50's knitted top: eBay
50's novelty skirt: Daisy and Stella
Shoes: Modcloth
50's novelty purse: The Vintage Mistress

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pretty Serious Forbidden Fruit

Today I have another Pretty Serious color, Forbidden Fruit. I am a little obsessed with white polish lately so had to include this with my recent order from Kaz.

This formula is on the thick side, so 2 coats were plenty. I probably could have done one, but it wasn't neat enough for my liking.

Stamped with Warm Black Konad and finished with a coat of Seche QD. I haven't done any stamping for ages and missed it a little.

And Forbidden Fruit on it's own. It has a gorgeous shimmer to it which makes it totally wearable on it's own without being boring.

This concludes my HUGE week long posts on Pretty Serious. Kaz is a legend around these parts as not only she started her own nail polish line, but she has done a lot for us Australian polish bloggers including making us our own webpage: The Gumleaf Mafia. This site gets updated hourly and if you 'Like' it on Facebook, it also updates there as well. Make sure you Like so you don't miss out on ANY fabulousness!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty Serious CGA & Forbidden Fruit Eyeshadows

As soon as Kaz opened shop, I placed an order pronto. She had already wowed me with her BSOD, VT100 and Tux polishes and I wanted the matching cosmetics. Once on there I changed my mind twenty times before choosing CGA and Forbidden Fruit eyeshadows.

This was my Pretty package! The packaging is gorgeous. Seriously, just buy it for the boxes it comes in!

CGA is a color shift pink and purple, packed with shimmer and has an amazing turquoise sparkle. Yes they are crappy swatch pics, I am a polish girl!  Top was applied wet, bottom was applied dry.

Forbidden Fruit is a super bright white that is insanely sparkly. I know most people would use this as a highlight, but I went the whole hog over the eyelid and did the crazy 70's babe thing. This was applied dry over an eye primer.

And here are some more sub standard makeup shots of me wearing CGA on the left eyelid and FB on the right. I am also wearing TUX lipgloss. It was the end of a long day...don't judge.

These pots are HUGE. They contain a full 5 grams of product which is a lot.   Unless you wear the same color every single day and touch it up in the afternoon, these post will probably last you forever.  The jars are also fitted with a sifter so your product doesn't end up all over the mine usually does. 

They each retail at $9.95 and can be purchased from Pretty Serious Cosmetics.