Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Glass Slippers

Lucite shoes, lucite shoes, how I do love thee.  BUT THEY BROKE.  Yes chookies, all vintage shoes will break....usually when you are swanning around in public somewhere and miles from home.
The husband did Aroldite the heel back on again....but now I have lucite shoe fear!  They might break again and I will be left lucite shoeless!

I love my Cinderella slippers.

50's Dress: Mill Street Vintage
Lucite shoes: Ebay
Lucite Bangle: Thrifted
Hair Flower: Luxuriant

Monday, April 29, 2013

Voodoo Lacquer MAYHEM

You know, this color base for this glitter is on the kinda weird side but somehow it works and looks pretty cool!   Mayhem by Voodoo Lacquer is a glitter mix of red, gold and black in varying sizes.  This was one thin coat as I wanted the color base, OPI On Her Majesty's Secret Service, to shine through.

And OHMSS on it's own, 2 coats.
Want some Voodoo loveliness?  Head on over to her ETSY shop.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shimmer Jennifer & Alannah Renee Draught Of Peace

What a long post title!  This combo is rather girly and combines 2 polish trends: pastels and glitter.

Shimmer Jennifer is a dense silver glitter combo, flecked with blue, gold and black.  This was 2 coats over Jennifer pictured in sunlight above and shaded light below.

And 2 coats of Draught of Peace from Alannah Renee's Harry Potter collection.

Shimmer Polish can be found HERE.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ice Cream In Paris

Again, a rather lovely find for little girls in budget clothing store Best n Less.  This dress was available during Summer but has probably since been marked down to something ridiculous like $6 and I'll never be able to find a bigger size for next year.  Damn.

Miss 4 loves Paris and the Eiffel Tower.  Everytime she sees a photo of it she informs me that she is taking me there one day for a holiday, when she's "really big".  Yes please.

Miss 4 has her poses down pretty much perfect. 
(There was a duck face one, but it was just too cute to include)
Dress: Best n Less
Shoes: Payless
Hairband: Cotton On Kids

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shoes Day! Ms Twiss Wedges

You all know I have a weakness (obsession, penchant??) for Irregular Choice and these Ms Twiss wedges were on my lust list when they were released in 2012.    I initially got the Navy Blue colorway as I thought they would be a good match for my vintage Mexican styles outfits.  I then got the red when they got put into IC's Outlet store at the end of the Season. On the fabrication of the shoes, I am a little disappointed.  On my Blue shoes, the heart insert fell out of one the first time I wore them and a couple of little pom poms went bye-byes.  Both shoes 'click clack' a little when I wear them, and if it's quiet then this sound is noticeable.Otherwise, altho being quite high in heel height, these shoes are quite comfy to wear for several hours at a time and they do get a lot of comments.

50's Dress: Bells Belle's Vintage
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bangles: Diva

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

China Glaze HOLOGRAPHIC Collex: My Picks

When you already have 101 holographic polishes (randomly generated figure plucked out of the air as I actually refuse to count my polishes), you tend to become a little picky when it comes to your holographic shine.  Not just any old slight rainbow shimmer is going to cut it.  So when China Glaze announced a release of holo's that were similar to their OMG collection....well, I knew I would wait to see it before I believed it.
It turns out, I was a little disappointed as the rainbow flash isn't quite fabulous.  In fact, it's hardly there at all.  Even under artificial lighting.  After studying online swatches and realising this, I only purchased 3 and here they are:
This is my favourite of the 3, When Stars Collide, 2 coats.  The color as a holographic is original, especially in a general branded polish and I really, really like it.

Cosmic Dust, 2 coats.  This is about the 6th different silver holo I now have but we must own ALL the silvers.  Out of them all, this is the least holo in my collection.

Strap On Your Moonboots, 2 coats.  If you have been spoiled by DS Glamour then this baby is just going to make you want to cry.  It's a nice, dusky dark blue but not the rainbow blinding polish you want it to be.  As you can see, out of the 40 photos I took these were the ones with the most rainbow flash.

Did you guys get a different reaction to the new ChG holos?

Monday, April 22, 2013

VOODOO Lacquer 40 Miles To Vegas

Voodoo Lacquer has released a Rockabilly collection and I am in LURV with this baby.  I love me a good glittered black and this is one of the bestest in my collection.  I love the teeny tiny glitter and the hologrpahic sparkle they give off.  The formula is also nicely opaque, and this was 2 coats.

Glittery goodness!

Want some?  Voodoo Lacquer has an Etsy shop.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

KARPATI Grape Wine Review

So....this arrived in the mail.  Funky.

You hold it like between your fingers like this while painting your nails.  Unfortunately, it's as uncomfortable as heck.  And resulted in a mess of a paint job!

This was 3 coats of Grape Wine, and this was the good hand photo!  The bottle setup was just too uncomfy to paint my nails properly.  I really don't think I'll be using this color again.  It was cool to try out tho and props to Karpati for thinking outside the box!

Has anybody else tried this line and what did you think of the bottle?

Friday, April 19, 2013

the Balm Review: Mia Moore Lipstick and Frat Boy Blush

Happy days are when awesome things arrive in the mail and as soon as you open it, you know it's perfect for you!  the Balm recently sent me a few items as they are now stocking Australia!
Mia Moore lipstick and Frat Boy Blush.

The Frat Boy blush is worth buying just for the packaging.  Seriously. How cool is this?
It's also very pigmented and a little swipe on your blusher brush is all you need.  My swatch photo above and below was with the brush just lightly flicked through and it was bordering on too much.
Frat Boy is really smooth in texture and is a really nice peachy/apricot shade which is perfect for day wear.  It's also fabulously matte so it won't leave you looking shiny.  It also has a built in mirror so it's great for transporting in your purse.
the Balm Frat Boy is now being sold in David Jones and selected pharmacies for a RRP of $27.95.  To find a stockist near you just ring 02 94776900 or check online at The Balm.
And now for the DIE HARD James Bond fan in me......the Balm Girls lippie!
Bullet shaped and colored!

 I was so excited when I found out I was sent the Red as it's perfect for my Vintage style.  The name just tops it off: Mia Moore.  Ooh baby.  This is a rich creamy Red that's wonderfully pigmented.

This was one coat of Mia Moore.
the Balm girls lipsticks comes in 6 shades so you can be a smooth operator no matter what the mission!  Check your stockist with the links above and RRP is $19.95.
So, I'm already looking at what else I can buy in the Balm range.  The packaging is super cool and I am impressed with the formulas and texture on both of these products. 
 I can review uber cute stuff like this all day long...!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rockabilly VooDoo BLUE SUEDE SHOES


Heather from VooDoo Lacquer knows I'm into Rockabilly and Nail Polish, and natrally knew I'd like some of her Rockabilly themed nail polish!

This is 2 coats of Blue Suede Shoes, a bright Blue with sparse silver glitter. It also dries semi-matte, which is perfect for this color as it brings out the glitter without being too "in ya face" blindingly bright.  Photo above was taken in Natural light while ones below were under artificial light.
VooDoo Lacquer can be purchased in it's own Etsy Shop.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Vintage Vamps Lipstick Swatches

Super schmexy Vampy lips! Altho I don't have a million of them, there are enough to swatch and show that I even have a couple of dupes, after thinking I was careful enough to avoid dupes.
Left to Right in natural light: Sleek Smother, MAC Rebel, Sleek Cherry, Besame Cherry Red, Manic Panis Kiss of Death, MAC Dark Side, MAC Media, BYS Rhumba, MAC Black Knight and Evil Shades Corset.
In natural light with flash.
 MAC Rebel, Sleek Cherry, Besame Cherry Red, Manic Panis Kiss of Death.

To me, MAC Rebel and Sleek Cherry are pretty much dupes.  Not enough of a difference to go out and buy both anyway...in my opinion.  I'd pick Sleek over MAC as it's $6.49 compared to $40 RRP in Australia. 

Besame Cherry Red is a brighter Burgundy.  Honestly, the color was a little bit of a letdown when it arrived.  For something I paid $22 for, I did have to swipe a few times for it to become as opaque as the swatch above, and it's not a unique color.

Manic Panic Kiss of Death. I would probably put this into my Red section of my lipsticks, but it's a tad vampy enough for it to qualify.  Pigmentation is good. $12 RRP

MAC Dark Side, MAC Media, BYS Rhumba (middle 3) in Natural light.

Artificial light.
MAC Dark Side and MAC Media are another 2 that are too similar for my liking.  Hate realising I have wasted money!  Both are dark and creamy and are typically fab MAC lippes.  $40 RRP within Australia.
BYS Rhumba is an Aussie brand which retail thri lippies are around $2.95 - $3.95.  Rhumba is an excellent stay at home shade, or a rosier neutral when you want to stay natural looking but have a natural lip color the shade of death.

MAC Black Knight and Evil Shades Corset.
MAC Black Knight is a sample tube from The Body Needs and am I glad I only got a sample tube!  It's very wishy washy and not as all fabulously pigmented.  I'm not familair with black lipsticks, maybe this one is meant to be like a gloss?  $22 eBay or $40 instore Australia.
Evil Shades Corset is an almost black Burgundy.  I got a sample tub in this color and don't have a lot to play with, so this swatch is a single swipe.  To see a better swatch, click on the link.

And just because, here are my 3 Purples:
Sleek Exxxagerrate, Sleek Mystic, MAC Rebel, SMAC Violetta in natural light.

Artificial light.
Sleek Exxxagerate.  This is the first Sleek color I have been disappointed with.  The online color looks NOTHING like the actual, grrrr.  This color is way too dusky and dark for my coloring and I look like a The Walking Dead.  But pigmentation, as always with Sleek, is fantastic.  $6.49
Sleek Mystic is a very regularly used color.  It's bright, FANTABULOUS and always gets comments every time I wear it.  I think I have directed more people to a website with this color than anything else.  (OK, maybe MAC when I wear Russian Red).  This color is a must have.  $6.49
MAC Rebel is in this section as well as the Vamps above...I was probably a little tired of it all by then.
MAC Violetta is in the same tones as Exxxageratte but a little brighter.  Again, this color does not suit me so I was glad to have first purchased this in a sample tube from The Body Needs for $3.
Which shades do you guys own and love?