Sunday, July 31, 2011

Le Bomb Outfits

I have purchased quite a few dresses from Le Bomb over the past year. Melissa sources pinup repo styles but with a very affordable pricetag. If you wanted to try Pinup before fully committing, then one of her dresses are ideal as most Vintage reproduction items are over the $100 price least.  She also spends hours sourcing matching accessories to list with her items, and each outifit is gorgeous. 

I really like these mini full circle dress styles and am featuring 2 of them. This one is in the blue roses and I wanted to try it with my new blue frilly petticoat. I am now way too old for mini dresses, so I prefer to wear these with my petticoats showing as a feature. If you are young with the legs of a gazelle, then you could go for a mini tulle crinoline.

Doesn't my garden look spectacular? It's not even Spring yet!

Read the listings and measurements carefully, as all Le Bomb clothing is on the small Miss side. I have sold more than kept due to them being way too small in the bust area. The largest sizing is also Large, and it is a small Large.

Dresses: Le Bomb Shop eBay
Shoes: Miss L. Fire
Stockings: Black fishnets
Hair Flowers: Dynamite-Darlin eBay
Cardi: 1950's cropped in black

This is on my wishlist but I keep missing out on my size. I have just spied that the L is now back in stock.....if only I wasn't on a no buy at the moment!!

Another tip: Melissa has regular Facebook fan specials and the discounts are generous, so it may pay to 'like' her page.

Let me know if you end up buying anything!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I recently found Kare Munich, an online furniture store and am cursing the Universe for there not being one here in Australia. Unfortunately they are based in Germany but their website says they are looking for franchise outlets in the USA and Australia.

Please furniture kind to me and make one appear in Melbourne!

Well, this one I admittedly would only purchase if it came with all those gorgeous accessories standing behind it. I don't actually like the couch itself very much.

This I would hang in my Kitchen.  Dang it, I'd hang 2 of them.

This would go next to my reading chair. Which would be....

This one.

Nope, definitely the comic one.  Definitely.

This one I would put in the middle of the room and it's sole purpose would be for me to drape in when I'm feeling glamourous.  Which is a lot of the time.

This transports me back to my childhhod when the ABC showed this symbol after or before scheduled broadcasting hours.  I would even watch it when home sick from school, waiting for the cartoons to start!  It's a footstool, which I've never used and probably would never use, but it would be the very first thing I would grab in Kare if I was ever lucky enough to visit one.

This is a 'NO SITTING' chair.....only for looking at.  Don't even TOUCH it.
 Every house needs one of these.

And of course, my throne.  For I am Queen of my Domain.

I would love more information on this store if any of my German followers has any. Has anyone been inside a store? What did you buy?

Chi Chi Moondust

Aussie bloggers have been raving about this color for ages but I never wanted to pay $13 for it at Target. It was finally in the clearance bin, still at a high price of $9.50 but cheap enough to justify throwing in the shopping trolley.

It is a gorgeous color, with a dark Midnight blue base and packed with silver micro glitter.

Two coats and finished with a coat of Seche QD. All pics taken under artificial light.

I am off to clean the house. I have to and can't get out of it....I have friends coming for dinner and they would be appalled if they saw my house in it's 'natural' state.

Have a good Saturday everyone!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

China Glaze Millenium

I'm half way thru my bottle of China Glaze Millenium and realised I have never painted a full manicure with it. As you all know, the Khrome collection is perfect for stamping which is what I exclusively use mine for.

It was horrible to apply, thick and gloopish and streaked like a madman. I used the flash so you guys can't see the mess. But the shine payoff makes it all worthwhile. I love this kind of silver, just a shimmering chrome with no glitter or sparkle.

I stamped it with Konad Dark Red and finished with a coat of Seche QD.  I used the Bundle Monster plates and they don't quite fit my nail, so don't look too close at it.  It's still lovely and tipwear and chip free after 4 days.

Remember to enter my SIGMA's worth $99!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Etude House Extreme Gold

I had a feeling this was going to be classified as a sparkly 'baby poo' color while I was purchasing it.....and my gut feeling was correct. Yep, it's got lots of sparkly rainbow glitter, but the base color reminds me of my daughter's nappies.

Artificial light.

Sunlight. Who agrees that this my caca swatch of the week?

Not even some OPI Black Shatter could redeem it.

Miss 10 is obsessed with tigers and wanted a stripey manicure. I was feeling lazy to get the Konad out so OPI Black Shatter worked a treat!

Monday, July 25, 2011

She Wore a Yellow Polkadot........Dress!

This dress was on a display at the Vintage Fair on Saturday and it just kept LOOKING at me.
But it was way too 'out there' even by my standards.

Eventually I gave in and tried it on.

The fitting room is situated in the middle of the fair so you need to come outside of it to look properly in the mirror. At least a dozen people convinced me to buy it, even tho I felt very conspicuous.

It's a classically 50's style, even in bright yellow. I wore it yesterday and it generated an insane amount of comments so I'm convinced it does suit me after all.

The collar has been removed and made detachable so I plan on getting this re-attached to how it was originally. Otherwise it's in great condition for being 60 years old. Even the velvet polkadots are still nice and dark and the rhinestone studded cuffs and collar are all original.

Hair Flower: Dynamite-Darlin on ebay
Stockings: Sportsgirl fishnets in black
Shoes: Rhinestone heels by London Rebel, Highpoint
Petticoat: Frilly gold cheapo from eBay, Hong Kong.

What do you guys think?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Way We Wear Vintage Fair

Yesterday the Melbourne The Way We Wear Vintage Fair, which also incorporated a Titanic clothing Exhibition, was on in Williamstown and the husband took me shopping. I know, he's a keeper.

As always, please click on the pics to make them bigger.

Browsing Callie's Jewellery from Hunted and Collected.

Loved this trio of displays.

I love big frilly petticoats more than almost anything!

The Titanic clothing was obviously not what was actually worn on the ship itself, but they were examples of what was cutting edge at the time. It was also very interesting to read the stories of the people onboard, especially the story about THAT necklace which the whole Titanic movie was focused around.

Oh no dear husband, we didn't really spend that much are just adding it up wrong.

I wore a 50's full circle dress with black lace-like pattern all over, a 50's beaded cardi, a modern red belt and my lucite heeled Irregular Choice shoes. The shoes got more comments than anything, they are engraved clear heels and are super groovy. My Velvet Roses purse is 50's and I own it thanks to the gorgeous Carolina who shipped it over for me.

I made my 'faux bakelite' cherries necklace from glass and I got a couple of orders from stall holders for one of their own so I can't wait to get started on those this week.

Afterwards we went down to the pier and the kids ran wild. We introduced Miss 10's friend into the world of Vintage and I think she was a bit bored.

I'll post about my very small haul tomorrow.  That was my Saturday, what did you guys do?

Friday, July 22, 2011

How To Do Vintage Nails

Doing a manicure Vintage style is ridiculously easy and looks endlessly classy. Here is a basic step by step guide to nails to match your Vintage outfits!

Step 1. Pic out a FAB Redder than Red nail polish. A few of my go-to colors are: MAC Obey Me, OPI Red my Fortune Cookie, China Glaze High Maintenance for a darker red Vamp look and Essie Jelly Apple.

Do your hands a favour and give them a good rubbing down with a manicure scrub. I love my wonderful scrub Tiffany sent me and use it at least once a week. It brightens up my cuticles, takes any any dry ugliness on them and wakes up my hands with all that lovely grittiness.
Next, tidy up your cuticles by soaking them in a cuticle remover and gently pushing them back with a cuticle tool or orange stick.

Now they are ready to look elegant!

Source some ring binder stickers from your local newsagent. This box of 250 cost me $1.50 and will last forever. I rip them in half so they will essentially last 2 lifetimes! You can use French Manicure stickers is so desired.

Place the rounded edge where the natural line of your lunar is on your nails. I like my nails to show only a little down the bottom 'a-la Authentic-ly' but I have seen other Vintage ladies place them almost halfway up their's up to you.

Apply your desired nail polish color. Feel free to paint over your stickers, no need to mind the cuticles on this manicure! I used 2 coats of OPI Red my Fortune Cookie.  Let them dry. Peeling off the stickers too quickly will give you an uneven line and peel some of it away.

   A note on the ring binder sticker:  altho a LOT less cheaper than french manicure stickers, they do not adhere as well onto the nail.  Mine lifted around the edges of the circle and no amount of pressing down would make them stay flat.  This can be fixed tho if it happens (like mine above) on!

Grab a cotton bud and soak in a little nail polish remover and clean up those semi-circles.  Very lightly dab it around the nail polish line or else you will smear it and have to start all over again.
Finishing with a topcoat will smooth down those semi-circles and make them look FABBO!

Apply lashings of hand cream and don't forget your elbows!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Etude House Extreme Rose

I never have been influenced by peer pressure, but when it comes to Stef and Kaz, they seem to know how to make me push that BUY button on my computer!

After the EXTREME range that Kaz showed for instance, I immediately went and purchased 2 of them; Gold and Rose. BTW Kaz, update your freakin blog already Woman! Don't you know you have a following of Awesome Gorgeousness frothing at the mouth waiting for your swatches?? Geez!

Yummo! A bright berry Fuschia packed with rainbow glitter. This was 2 coats and did dry a bit rough so I added a coat of Seche QD before I stamped.

Outside in natural light, no flash.

Even covered in black, this color still shines thru and the glitter just sparkles. I have had them commented on often in the last couple of days and I have felt a bit self-concious....maybe such pink bling is a little young for me now? I don't normally feel that way about anything, but this manicure makes me feel.......old.  Maybe it's just the rhinestones.