Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sportsgirl Confetti

One layer of Sportsgirl Confetti over Color Club Poptastic.  Sometimes a really simple manicure gets the most comments and stays on your nails the longest.

Anybody else find that?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Carmen Miranda with Trashy Diva

 We were rushing to catch an 8am train when the husband told me to STOP, pose then jump into the car.  Amazingly, he did a better job in a spilt second than 15 minutes of 'proper' posing.

No full length shots, but really it was all just boring after the fruitiness and colorfulness that was my top half.  The dress is by Trashy Diva and I LOVE everything about it.  I love how there are only snatches of color on it so I can accessorise over the top.  I love the fabric and how it just hangs nicely and without ironing before hand if you can't be bothered.  I also love the length and how I didn't have to pay a tailor to take off 5 inches for me!

Arm fulls of Bakelite for maximum jingle jangle.  And my ring is glass and made by me.

And my nails even co-ordinated.
Dress: Trashy Diva
Hair Flower: Uncle Fezter Flowers
Vintage Celluloid Necklace: Prettykitty13
Lipstick: Stila Beso

Saturday, October 25, 2014

F.U.N Lacquer KING and QUEEN Holographic Foil Glitters

FUN Lacquer recently showed swatches of their new collection on Instagram and I pretty much went straight to the site and got them.  There was a discount code so that made me feel a little better.

Above is King, a holographic gold foil glitter.  It is opaque enough in 2 coats but I like 3 for photos.  The holographic rainbow shine is more prominent in real life and also more prominent in Queen, which is pictured below.

Queen in shaded natural light.  As you can see it is a silver foil glitter but in direct light it becomes holographic......

I have a video on my Instagram showing the rainbow BLING with Queen, if you wanted to view it you can see it under @konadlicious.

Did anyone else grab these 2 colors from F.U.N Lacquer or did you purchase a similar color?

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Vintage Navajo Turquoise Jewellery Collection

When I was a teenager my Nana gave me a 1970's turquoise ring.  I then took a fancy to all things turquoise and as I got older bought myself a couple of bracelets.  However I had always lusted after a large Squash Blossom necklace, but for some reason never bought myself one.  After looking at them again a couple of months ago I was shocked to discover that the prices of anything Navajo related, and especially vintage in era, had sky rocketed in price!   Jewellery that was once in an affordable to cheap price range is all of a sudden selling for almost crazy turquoise in 'fashion' again?? 
Squash Blossom necklaces were almost out of my reach financially!

I panicked.

So bought 2 of them.

My collection as of now.

My vintage origins started when I was a teenager and I dressed in 70's clothing.  The hippie Boho era called my name and it has never really left.  I do prefer my 50's cupcake style of dressing but in Winter I do revert to my inner Boho child.  I intend on morphing back into a hippie chick in my elderly years.....I think I will rock it.

I collect vintage sterling turquoise as I can be assured that the Turquoise stone is natural and of a high standard.  Modern pieces are now mostly 'block', or plastic, Turquoise.  Modern, cheap pieces come in a nickel silver setting instead of a sterling silver setting.  If you are purchasing turquoise for the first time, please be wary of anything on eBay.  Block Turquoise is also being made with a black matrix running though it and to the untrained eye can look exactly like the real thing!  Read the descriptions carefully and if in doubt, email the seller and ask the origin of the turquoise, any makers initial stamps, and what silver content it tests for.  American turquoise is found in vintage pieces and therefore more valuable than the modern Indian found turquoise.

Also, have a price in mind and stick to it.  My large needlepoint cuff bangles were purchased at very low prices, while others the same size and age sold for hundreds of dollars the same week on eBay.  Search, search, search, put items on watch and compare prices before purchasing. 
Makers can also reflect the price.  You may find a needlepoint cuff for $1,000 but the maker was a well known silversmith.  And then you may see an almost similar cuff for a tenth of a price.  The only difference is that silversmith is/was not well known.  If you don't care about makers, like me, then a lower priced piece, but just as well made, will be fabulous for you.
This Squash Blossom is on it's way to me.  It is a massive size with each blossom measuring 2" and the Naja 3.5" in diameter.  I got it for an incredible price on eBay ( I think it flew under the radar...phew!) and I feel incredibly lucky The Sexy Man said I could have it as my wedding Anniversary present.
Who else collects turquoise?  And can I see your stash photos?!  I do love stash pics.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sally Hansen MIRACLE GEL Hello Kitty Nails!

It's all Japanese Kawaii in our house lately!  We are going to Tokyo next year and the kids are learning Japanese, studying up on Manga and writing Must Buy shopping lists!  So naturally, Hello Kitty has been shoved in my face a lot recently. 

Please drop me a comment and recommend anything Tokyo related I need to know!

I used 3 coats Sally Hansen's All Chalked Up from the new Miracle Gel collection.  I *think* the Hello Kitty stamping plate was a cheapie from eBay, the number is QA12 if that helps anybody.  The glitter is Pink Panther from Lush Lacquer.  Photo editing tool is the Beautiful Mess app.
On a review note on the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel colors; they are really lovely to apply.  The formula is smooth and most are easily opaque in 2 coats. I did a Top Coat gel review in my last post if you were wondering on the wear.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Fabulous 1950's Dress


Why is it whenever we put ourselves on a NO BUY ban, we always see stuff we absolutely NEED??

I have had a no more dresses ban for a......few......couple......of weeks and was doing so well until this dress came up on eBay (AND Pinup Girl Clothing released Hawaiian dresses).  I watched it all week before deciding that this style of dress in a rare womanly size, hardly ever come up for sale anymore so it was more of an investment.  Right?!

Even tho all black is a color I only wear at funerals, the buttoned neckline and shoulders is just so lovely and I am a sucker for large hip pockets.

Needless to say I am back on my No Buy.  Please wish me luck.

50's Dress: eBay
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sally Hansen MIRACLE GEL Wear Review

I'm reviewing the wear on the new NO lamp Miracle Gel polish system by Sally Hansen today.  For this manicure I used 2 coats of Pinky Rings for the pink ice cream.  I let them completely dry then pressed on drip decals from Dead Set Babes.  For the cones I used 2 coats of Birthday Suit from the Miracle Gel range and stamped with a Konad plate.  I carefully peeled off the decals and placed glitter from Sportsgirl called Confetti.  I finished with the Miracle Gel Top Coat to activate the Gel feature and to make my manicure last for an estimated 10 days.
So, how did it last?
I went with the same manicure for 5 days before calling it quits.  The photo below in my non dominant hand.  As you can see there is one tiny chip on my ring finger and minimal tip wear.  So far so good!

The photo below is my dominant right hand, and the wear is much more noticeable.

On a lasting basis, I don't think I saw much difference between this Miracle Gel Top Coat and my Seche Vite Quick Dry.  I can easily get 5 days from Seche, and a non chip 5 days too.  I can't see this lasting for the estimated 10 days.....unless you are the faff around and don't really do much type.  I washed my hair twice,  washed kids hair, did dishes in hot water twice a day, made glass beads, and scrubbed a bathroom with any manicure would do well to last through 5 days of that without chipping.

It's also important to know that the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel color polishes are just 'normal' polishes unless you add the Top Coat at the end.  It's the Top Coat that activates the gel feature.

Did anyone buy this Top Coat system and what did you think?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sally Hansen MIRACLE GEL Nail Art Week

Sally Hansen Australia recently sent me a box of their new NO LAMP Gel polish called Miracle Gel.  It is normal nail polish and applied like 'ordinary' polish but the Gel features are activated when you finish your manicure with the Miracle Gel Top Coat.  I do have a review coming up next post with the wear, but today I have a couple of manicures with a few of the colors I received.

I used Pinky Rings and Pink Tank on the ring finger.  2 coats of each.  I stamped with Konad plates and finished with a few little Mint green rhinestones.

Isn't this blue glorious? It really is that bright!   I am in love with it! 
This was 2 coats of Tidal Wave and stamped with a Konad plate.  Finished with some little holographic stud thingies from Born Pretty.

You can see more of my @sallyhansenau #omgel manicures on my Instagram page, @konadlicious.  Or stay tuned for some more Miracle Gel manicure coming up this week.

Has anyone else tried this new system and what did you think about them?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recent Nails

OPI Bubble Bath stamped with Cult Nails Fetish and finished with Essie Matte top coat.

Crows Toes Heartless, 3 coats.

China Glaze Surfin for Boys stamped with Konad White.

Avon Warm Black stamped with Konad White.  Note how the Avon turned the white a lilac color after top coat was applied!

And these were gross and disappeared straight away.  A failed gradient with Color Club Poptastic colors.