Monday, February 21, 2011

Outfit Of The Week: Hello Sailor!

A couple of day's ago I found a gorgeous Sailor cardigan in a local clothing shop that just screamed pinup style, and with a bargain price on the tag. This week I teamed it with my off the shoulder black circle day dress, a crinoline petticoat, wide black belt and my rhinestone encrusted heels.
Because I am clueless when it comes to hair I just brushed it a hundred times till the curl went out and it sat very fluffily around my shoulders.

My Bettie bangs had just been trimmed so they are looking rather short, they do look better in a week!

MAC Russian Red was on my lips and retro style rhinestone sunnies are compliments of the last Hot Rod Car Show I went to.

On the upside of my hair: I have been invited to attend The Lindy Charm School For Girls in 2 weeks time. I am so excited because I will finally learn how to Vintage style my hair, put on authentic looking Vintage makeup and look more vampy. Squee!
Best of all, they are coming to my little town of Castlemaine to our local vintage clothing store, Bells Belle's. The date is the 6th of March, 9:30 - 12:30 if any Victorian girls are interested. If so, please let me know!

This will also be my last post for a week as I am leaving for Singapore in the morning.  Wish me luck entertaining 2 kids on the plane for 8 hours and probably changing at least one pooey nappy in the tiny toilet.....ugh.

Happy polishing!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catrice The Devil Wears Red

Yummo. This color is the bees knees. It's a jelly. It's vampy. And you don't need a billion coats to get it opaque.
This is 2 coats of Catrice The Devil Wears Red. The formula is perfect and needed nothing else...but of course, being me I always *have* to add I added a coat of SH Hidden Treasure. Now I have sparkling little vampy nails and I'm very happy.

The end.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Color Club Ultraviolet

Under artificial light and flash
Outside in full sunlight

I don't know why I am even posting these photos. They don't show the true color accurately and the Konading doesn't really show.  I am sick with a lurgy and my nails haven't been redone so I have no choice!

This was 2 coats of Ultraviolet, which is a gorgeous bright Violet purple which is bordering on Fuschia. The formula on this was perfect, it's been 3 days and I do not have tip wear let alone any chipping. Bonus!

I Konaded it with China Glaze OMG and added 1 coat of Seche QD.

I trimmed my nails.  For me to be comfortable, my nails need to be just above my fingertips, any higher and they start to play mind games on me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

BB Couture Dragon's Breath...Fail


This BB Couture color is one of my favourite polishes of all time. It's dark, vampy and has glitter...what more do we want?

AS you can see the color is divine. The formula is wonderful, 2 thin coats and it's perfect.
It's the stamping that well and truly SUX! I wrecked a perfectly good color.....this is a lesson to my polish peeps that sometimes you DON'T have to stamp over absolutely everything!!

Last time I wore this color, I got 5 days straight out of it without even any tip wear. Unfortunately, I hated this combination so much I took it off a few hours later. WASTE. OF. POLISH.

Fortunately for you, thanks to Cindy at BB COUTURE, this polish can be won in my super cool GIVEAWAY!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ride My Sleigh!

This was one of the colors from BB Couture's Xmas line, and they all had super cool names. This is is 'Ride My Sleigh' and not only does it conjure up naughty images but it's also a celery green super sparkly knockout.
This was 3 coats as it's on the sheer side but it builds up to opaque easily with BB's wonderful formula.
I Konaded it with Warm Black and finished it with 1 coat of Seche QD. The black was It gave my hands a kind of Zombie appearance which was pretty cool.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too Cutesy For Me

I was cruising nail pictures on the net and saw a gorgeous polkadot and painted flowers manicure that another blogger did only a few days ago. Unfortunately I can't remember whose blog it was from, if anyone does please tell me.

My version, however, sucks big time. The polka dots were too small on one hand, then too big on the other. Overall, just too cutesy and not well stamped. It's coming off tonight!

The white is 2 coats of LA Girls White Out, The Dark Red is 2 coats of Zoya Posh and the pinky fingers are 2 coats of Massini Slamming Red. White and Red Konading with 1 coat of Seche QD.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outfit Of The Week

Just a couple of pics of a super cheap Target dress I picked up the other day.  It had a retro look about it so it came home with me for the price of $17. This is also my favourite shade of green so it was really coming home regardless of the price. **** Ugh, my boobs look HUGE. ****

I teamed it with a wide red belt and my 'Toto, we ain't in Kansas anymore' sequined ruby pumps! Yes, I looked very Xmassy.

I really hadn't has time to do my hair that day so it got a quick updo with clips and not much sorry. But this is a close up of my beautiful sterling silver and marcasite vintage brooch the Sexiest Man On The Planet bought for our 10th wedding Anniversary 5 years ago. I am wearing MAC Russian Red and my cherries hairclip was handmade and bought off eBay.

Outfits of the week, I have decided, are quite fun. I get to pose for the husband who makes me do all sexy stuff and we both have a laugh. I might stick with this!

Friday, February 11, 2011

POPTASTIC Awesomeness!

'I am finishing my Poptastic collection today by showing you the most awesome nails in existence....for the next couple of days anyway!

I striped Color Club's Almost Famous, Twiggie, Warhol and Wham! Pow! over 1 coat of generic White. Added Warm Black Konading stamping from Chez-Delaney XL plate B and added 1 coat od Seche QD.
My nails are seriously cool and I keep admiring them. I am also shoving them under everyone's face and almost screaming "Look at my seriously awesome nails! Aren't I the cleverest??"

Pre cleanup!

This Poptastic collection from Color Club can be won in my HUGE 1,000 Follower giveaway!

Thanks once again to Rob from Color Club New Zealand for being more than willing to help my Giveaway be so wonderful to win.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Singapore Anyone?

I'm off to Singapore in 10 days! Yay!

Do I have any Singapore followers who could very kindly give me some information on what polish brands that I should be looking out for, where I can buy them and any other awesome Singapore stuff to find?

Also, what are the must see attractions for a family with 2 kids? Any Vintage clothing shops?
And of course, which is the BESTEST Sephora to visit??!

Thanks guys!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MAC Ming Blue...a Saga Of Sorts

I ummed and ahhed about the Jin Soon collection of nail polish by MAC for ages. I looked at online swatches over and over again for ages deciding if I wanted them or not..before finally deciding I DID want them....just as they became discontinued! The Aussie MAC site had them offline and after ringing Head Office, their computers brought up as none in any stores either.
Enter eBay.
I was purchasing a few items from a gorgeous eBay seller, Leah Ann from llarowe, and lamented my fate about the polishes I was having trouble sourcing. She offered to run around a few MAC stores for me in the USA and she found Imperial Flower, Ming Blue and Earthly Harmony after a week of looking! Not only that, but she also ordered some Wonder Woman items (cause I have NO hope of getting them once they are released here in OZ) for me at her own cost and is sending them on for free.

I thought this was incredibly generous of her and once again I can't believe how wonderful some sellers and bloggers are once you get to 'know' them via email.

Onto Ming Blue. It's gorgeous. Beautiful. Wonderfully sparkly and it's all mine. 2 coats with a wee bit of Konading on the ring fingers with some Navy Rhinestones attached at the nail beds. 1 coat of Seche QD.
I prefer attaching my rhinestones near the cuticles as they don't 'pop' off easily there. To remove them, I usually have to dig at them with a cuticle stick.

First 2 photos are in full sunlight, last pic in the shade.
Doncha' love the fluer de lis pattern?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spending Cash With Carl

Don't you just love this name? Even tho I don't know who Carl is! Someone enlighten me??

This is a gorgeous blue by H & M, I'm seriously happy that Deborah sent it to me...thanks Deb!
2 coats looked divine and needed nothing done to it whatsoever, but the destructive gene inside me just HAD to do something I added a layer of Nfu-Oh 56!

Still gorgeous but now it's green instead of a divine shade of blue. No never Konad over flakies!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chelsea Girl

I'm nearly at the end of my week long neon obsession! This is Color Club's Chelsea Girl and was a complete pain to photograph, in the end I have had to include a blurry photo to show the accurate color of this polish.
Again, I did 2 coats over 1 coat of a generic white with White Konading and 1 coat of Seche QD. I used my XL stamping plates and couldn't decide which pattern to used all the circle patterns on plate B!

First pic is under artificial light with flash. Second pic is with no flash which is the most color accurate.

This color is in the Color Club POPTASTIC 7 piece collection I am giving away go enter!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pucci-Licious From Konad-Licious!

Sorry, had to do that was too cheesy to pass up.

Altho included in the Poptastic Neon collection, I wouldn't class this color as a Neon as it doesn't have a 'retina searing' factor like the other colors. It is a bright, happy Violet Purple tho!

This was 2 coats of Color Club's Pucci-Licious with Yellow Konading and 1 coat of Seche QD. The yellow is not as vivid as I was hoping, giving this manicure a slighty 'wizardly' appearance. The husband and kids think it looks pretty cool tho.
First pic is under artificial light, second pic in full sunlight.

These pics are slightly blurry as they were taken at night under artificial light. My camera has spasms trying to capture the true color of this polish, so the flash had to go off. The color shown is about accurate.

You can win this color in my HUGE go enter!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Color Club Warhol

A quick post today, Miss 2.5 is down with a tummy bug and I'm up to my knees in vomit and runny poos. Poor little thing :(

Once again, Color Club has produced a retina searing color that just screams LOOK AT ME! I did 2 coats of Warhol over 1 coat of OPI Alpine Snow and 1 coat of Seche QD. Konading for the day was Princess crowns in black and gold as I was off to see Disney Live, and everyone knows you need Crowns on your nails to go see a Disney show.

Photos were taken in natural light with no flash. These pics have not been photoshopped!

This is a color that you can flash around and blind people with yourself, by entering my giveaway!