Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Recent Thrift Finds

Um, hello???? 
How could I possible leave this amazingly cute biscuit barrel behind? 
No, I didn't think you could either.

More bird wall vases and ridiculously cute mousies.

Again, squirrel cute overload.

A piece of Ellis pottery for an amazing $4. 
All my thrifting karma will have disappeared now for a few months.

The Sexy Man found me this 60's glazed bear and I found the vase in the middle at the back at the last Swap Meet.

A 60's beaded dress for $6

Vintage copper Mexican cuff $2

And a gorgeous colored celluloid bangle (top) for $10

What bargains have you guys found lately?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Copious Amounts of Bakelite and Sheaves of Wheat

50's dress: eBay
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Bakelite: Here, there and everywhere
Hair Flower: Uncle Fezter Flowers
Hair scarf and belt: Thrifted

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lovey Dovey Nails!

Woot woo, love nails!  The magnificent Kaz gifted me this marvellous super maxxed out blingy bottle of Nails Inc Bond St, cause she's just awesome like that.  I used it on my ring and little fingers, with OPI Red Fortune Cooke on my middle finger and OPI Red Shatter on my ring finer.  Stamped with Konad White and stuck on a teeny, tiny purple love heart.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashionista, Eventide and Stamping

I picked up a cheap Revlon polish in Kmart the other day, Fashionista, and it's a rather marvellous deep, murky Petrol Blue.  It begged for some blingy gold, so I added Femme Fatale's Eventide on my ring finger and stamped with China Glaze 2030.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oodles of Flowers!

Flowers on my dress, flowers in my hair, flowers on my shoes.
Freshly polished Bakelite bangles.

Dress: Bernie Dexter via Modcloth
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Hair Flower: eBay
(Excuse the CROCS in the background. Ugh.)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Kindness In Polish END $$ RESULTS!

Thanks to all you polish Queens, we raised a massive $4,034.00 for Angie's fundraiser

I would formally like to thank Dead Set Babes soooooo very very much for rallying with me and making our Kindness in Polish auctions a HUGE success. I didn't know Anella at all before she contacted me offering her help, and in the setting up of the auction alone she spent 50 hrs of her time and energies...truly restoring my faith in the human spirit of generosity.  She is currently spending MORE of her precious hours tallying totals, contacting winners and then will be organising packages to be delivered.  Unbelievable generosity.  It humbles me everytime I think about her.  *sniff*

Our auction items were donated from wonderful girls from all over the world from their precious collections, as well as these wonderful Indie brands:

Dead Set Babes

Loki's Lacquer

Moonstone Nail Polish

Smudged Polish

Love Thy Polish

Crows Toes

Mckfresh Nail Attire

Powder Perfect

Sayuri Nail Polish

Celestial Cosmetics

Lilypad Lacquer

Prettypots Polish



Shades of Phoenix

Glam Polish

Please click on the links, peruse and BUY wonderful unique colors from some very talented girls.  It is very heart warming to know that I am part of a generous community, ready and willing to help out when a sad situation like this happens.

For those who haven't been following our Kindness In Polish Facebook page, Angie passed away and her funeral was last week.  Her fundraiser has been moved to the Ballarat Greyhound Track.

Thanks again to everyone who bid, blogged and raised awareness for our auction to help make it a success.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Florals, Celluloid and Polkadots

This was the best photo out of a bad bunch.  I apologise.

Dress: Bells Belle's Vintage
Shoes: Seychelles
Celluloid: Thrifted
Photos by Miss 5

Don't forget about our Kindness in Polish auction currently running for another couple of days on Facebook.  Score some super rare nail polish and all proceeds go to a fighting cervical cancer woman and her family.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trashy Diva Del Rio

I admit it. I have zero willpower.  So when Trashy Diva have a intentions just resolve.
The Del Rio dress jumped into my cart when TD had an additional 50% sale prices sale on a couple of weeks ago, as I had been lusting after it for *ages*.

It is, tho, a bummer of a dress to put on.  After asking for help, I found out that this style has one of those 'make ya scream in frustration' invisible zips over a waist seam, which means this zip is almost IMPOSSIBLE to zip up.  After asking for help on the TD Facebook page, somebody suggested wax!  So I rubbed a candle up and down that sucker like no tomorrow and Miss 12 got it zipped up! 
Mind you. I will never be able to get dressed on my own wearing this.

My Irregular Choice wedges match perfectly.

And this dress is PERFECT for armloads of Bakelite bangles and HUGE flowers in your hair.  If you live for jangly bracelets and Carmen Miranda blooms, this dress is for you.

Dress: Trashy Diva
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Hair Flower: Uncle Fezter
Bakelite: Etsy, eBay, thrifted

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kindness In Polish Auction Starts NOW!

The KINDNESS IN POLISH auction is now LIVE on Facebook!

Have you been keeping up to date on all the One of a Kind and Rare sneak peeks that's been posted every day this week? 

Bidding starts NOW!  All proceeds go to a gorgeous family in need.  For more details see my previous post and THIS post.  Bids are also open Internationally.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kindness In Polish Custom & Rare Colors Facebook Auction

The response to my cousin's plight has been incredibly heart warming and inspiring.  I have been amazed at the kindness people extend to others that are complete strangers to them, it has truly humbled me.

One of these awe inspiring actions is to see my wonderful Australian nail community rally together and produce a line of colors that we are going to auction off for one week on the Facebook page Kindness In Polish

Australia has some extremely talented Indie polish designers and we will be seeing some gorgeous colors being released in honor of Angie and her fight against cervical cancer.  The link is KINDNESS IN POLISH Facebook page, so please make sure you LIKE or follow on Instagram @kindnessinpolish

AND Dead Set Babes asked for me to create a custom polish to donate!  Both the sparkly base and SUPER holographic glitter is TO DIE FOR!

  Not only will one off custom colors be up for auction, but a whole group of us are sending in our RARE and completely hard or impossible to get colors from our collections!  You can see some sneak peaks on the Kindness in Polish Facebook page.

Our auctions will start on the 10th Feb at 8pm AEDT & run through until 8pm 17th Feb AEDT. The highest bidder will have 48 hours to pay for their item & all polishes will be sent out by the makers themselves.

To bid you will either need to put your bid on the photo of the polish that you want to bid on OR you can message this page to put in an anonymous bid. Anon bids will be taken up until 7.30pm on the night of the auctions closing.

Shipping is open internationally.  We made it International so all those Overseas lovelies who expressed interest in helping out can do so.

What else can we do to help this wonderful auction?  I am calling out on all my blogging followers to PLEASE blog about this auction.  The success of it depends on the numbers we reach, so it is vital that we can spread the work as much as we can in the next few days.  If you can't afford to bid, PLEASE write a blog post instead.  The Australian nail community would be so *very* grateful.
Thank you!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Instagram

This is a fraction of what I'm Instagramming, follow me!  I am @konadlicious.


The James Bond Exhibition in Melbourne.

New Bakelite displays.

Melbourne Museum

Restocking Galleries

Thrifty finds

Miss 5 started School and Miss 12 started High School

Miss 5 was very excited

More house renovations

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Arcane Lacquer Little Supernovas

I do love a little bit of Vamp every now and then.  This is 3 coats of Arcane Lacquer's Little Supernovas with a little bit of Lancôme 366 over the tips and on my ring finger.  Lancôme 366 has long since been discontinued but the closest you will find is Amazeballs by Lacquistry.  Finished with Cult Nails Quick Fast.