Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HUGE Things Planned!

I have a super dooper of a giveaway lined up all ready for when I hit 3,000 followers! Counting other following mediums, I am well over that amount but it's not actually in stone till it shows on the Google Connect meter does it?!

If you all could spread the word for me it would be much appreciated! Please help me to hurry up and reach 3,000 before I explode with excitement!!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Few Vintage Looks

Skirt: Handmade label purchased from my hometown artists market.
Hotrod Tee and belt: Retail
Shoes: Naughty Monkey

50s 'Swirl' Dress: Bell's Belles Vintage
Shoes: K-mart
Belt: Retail

House dress: $20 from Etsy
Shoes: K-mart
Belt: Retail

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ruby Ribbon AKA The Most Awesome Color EVA

Sometimes you start to paint a color on your nails and instantly you know it's the most divine color you have ever seen. This is *one* of them: Revlon Ruby Ribbon Matte.

Two coats. Perfection.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

HITS Artemis v's Hefesto Comparison

I'm posting this comparison because as I opened my order, I was initially mad thinking I was sent the same bottle twice....before realising that yes my order was correct, and yep those 2 colors look exactly the same.

So here is 2 coats each of Artemis (pointer and middle finger) and Hefesto (ring and little pinky).

So....yep, the
Hope this has saved someone $8!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Butter London No More Waity Katey

OK, hands up who has bought a polish JUST for the name it was given. Come one, ALL of you put your hands up! You know you have!!

No more waity Katey was the polish for me. The name is wonderful and the meaning is clear. Poor girl, imagine having to wait 10 years before becoming a future Queen of England! Really, William.

This was 3 coats. The color really doesn't rock my world but it doesn't matter....I only bought it for the name.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Butter London Wallis

I recently did a Butter London haul when they were reduced down to $13.95 on Ozsale. Coincidentally, they are on sale again today starting at 12 midday! With the exception of Black Night and Tart with a heart, I htought the rest were completely boring and very ho-hum for a $22 price point. The formula was NOT like butter and the brushes on most are wonky and splayed. Not impressed.

3 coats of Wallis. I really wasn't impressed with the color either, it's been done several times already and I have a nicer version of this that cost me $3 from Chemistry.

I know, I know...I can be brutal when a polish disappoints me.

And on a much happier note, Miss 3 started ballet class last week....isn't she perfectly divine??

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Mill Markets

We LUV The Mill Markets! There is one in almost every Country Vic town surrounding us and we always buy a bargain in there somewhere.

The Mill Market in Geelong is especially big and the top floor is stuffed with clothes. The kids go feral trying on shoes while we fossik.

A few shop views....the place is massive.  Unfortunately the clothes are all 1970's to present.

Miss 10 thought this sign was perfect for me.

I managed to find, at long last, some kitchen canisters that I liked and were in excellent condition. 

And the baragin of the day: this once only owner, in almost mint condition laminate table with 6 matching chairs. My gasp of pure lust was heard within the entire shop and one old man came to see if all was OK.

Even making kitten eyes, begging, looking wistfully at the husband, and promising lots of wife-y things did nothing to move him. Apparently we have NOWHERE to put it, and a 6 seat sitting is useless when we need 8 chairs. And apparently, I WILL live and eventually 'get over it'.

He said I could have a pink mixer instead, to which I scoffed. How could a 50's pink mixer possibly compare to a matching laminate table set?? A setting in mint green and rose pink with killer lines?? And ALL the matching chairs??? The agony of it all......

Anyone in Geelong want to courier this up to me in secret??

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

El Cheapo Ebay Magnetic Polishes

I am a huge sucker for anything novelty related, so magnetic polish is way up my alley. But I am not spending $20+ for Nails Inc or other brands to get them to me in Australia.

This is where China eBay comes in! These colors cost me $4.10 each including shipping via Airmail.

#21. Each bottle comes with 2 magnets, a thin and a thick line.

#10. I sucked a little at the magnet to start off with and hit my nail a couple of times.....just ignore the messy application.

#19.  Horrid ring finger...sorry!  Bottom pic is in shaded natural light.

And #15. As you can see, the magnetised lines came out very subtle as compared to the other colors.

Overall, the colors I picked are nice, wearable, and generally magnetised well. I got them from this SELLER and shipping was fast.

Who else has purchased cheapo ebay polish and was it any good?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters

Sometimes there is a collection you know you *need*. This hasn't happened to me in a looooong time, but China Glaze caught my attention when they showed promo shots of the Prismatic glitters.

These have been released but I couldn't find an online retailer who sells them and had to resort to eBay. At the time, there were no swatches online so I bought a little 'blind'. After these 3, I think I'm ging back to search for the rest.

First up, Optical Illusion. Seafoam Green base.

Mmmmmm, scrumptious bottle shot.  Looks just like Fairy Dust!

Two coats provided great coverage. These glitters are so densely packed. The above photo is taken in natural shaded light.

And taken in full sunlight. Look at that bling sparkle.

My favourite of the 3: Ray-Diant. A Yellow/Green duochrome base. Again, 2 coats and above photo was taken in shaded natural light.

And in full sunlight.

Liquid Crystal, a Blue/Lilac duochrome base. 2 coats.

And in full sunlight.  My swatches are rocky looking as no top coat was used.

They also look FAB over black. And you can see some great swatches of the whole collection here on this fab blog.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

If The Dress Fits.....

In the last month since my FAT post, I have lost 1.5kg (3 pounds??). No, it's not a great deal, but I am quite happy with it as this is a purposely slow process for me. I'm not on an all out diet, I have changed what I eat slightly and so far it's been painless.

This dress was too tight 3 weeks ago. But now it fits!

Ignore the look on my face, the husband was saying something all typically male like 'push those boobs right out...."

Are my seams straight??

50's Dress: The Vintage Studio
Shoes: Modcloth
Lucite purse: eBay
Lipstick: Sleek Heartbreaker
Stockings: Leg Avenue

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Move Over James Bond

Last week The Sexiest Man On The Planet took a day off work and we did a spot of Op Shopping. Every once in awhile I'll bag something amazing and it's always when he is with me.....he's the Good Luck Op Shop Fairy.

This 1956 wool dinner suit I found shoved up the back in the mens suit section and it even came with the original bow tie.  He tried it on, it fit like a glove and looked not even worn. After dry cleaning, it came up gleaming brand new.

Doesn't he look super flash in his $20 bargain suit?  Now, if he hadn't gone bald he would have given Sean Connery a run for his money.....

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Art Of Elegance Fair

Last weekend we attended the Art Of Elegance Fair which was held in the Dunolly Town Hall.
Dunolly is a very small Country town, but it was nice to be able to support a Country Victoria vintage gathering. Us 'country bumpkins' don't get many of them, they are usually in Melbourne.

Miss Leah from Bell's Belles Vintage.

Lots of people rcognised me from my blog and said they love reading it, so that was very nice.  It is still a little disconcerting to have complete strangers come up and say "Hi Carli".  The first thing I think is that I have done something *very* bad to have them know my name. 
We had lots of photos taken of us, including with a group of Parisian motorcycling tourists!

Miss 10 and Miss 3 beelined straight for the Fairytale Frostings cupcake stall.  Mmmmm, they were so fluffy and light.

I scored this super large, floral Grindley teapot.   Perfect for my High Teas.

And even tho I really do not need another hand mirror, I couldn't resist this gorgeous little 50's one with a felted cartoon pinup on the front.

The next Art Of Elegance Fair is being held in Maryborough on Sunday 13th of May.  Fairytale Frostings will be hosting a Mini Mad Hatter High Tea!