Monday, June 30, 2014

A New Koret Of California

Are there any certain vintage brands that you love to own?  Mine are Cole of California and Koret of California.  Those 2 labels always have such gorgeous patterned fabrics and flattering, for me, styles.

This new to me dress wasn't labelled as a Koret but to me it suggested it might be.  I saw it on Etsy not long after it was listed and rather than wait a time zone to ask the seller questions, I just purchased it.

Aren't the blue colors divine?  Unfortunately, I have to wreck the shirt waist style effect by wearing a cardigan in this freezing 4 degree Celsius weather, but I'll bring it out again in Summer with lots of flowers.

50's Koret Dress: Etsy
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Cardi: Seven Angels, Retail

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Teaser To The Most Spectacular Coat On The Planet

Guess who found a late 60's leopard and faux fur coat for $20.  Yep, homies.  It was da boss.

You guys aren't even seeing the full spectacularness of this coat.  It even has the original belt and I'm not even wearing the right sunglasses.  More pics to come........

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Taxi Cabs and Bananas

Color Club Almost Famous was calling my name and how better to use this Neon than to Taxi Cab it?  Then add bananas.  As you do.
The black is Cult Nails Fetish with Lancôme gold glitter.  I used Konad and Cheeky plates.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Need A Few Coupon Codes?

I never pay full price for anything.  Seriously. 

My online food shop consists wholly from the Specials section on the Supermarket website.  I’ll wait on New Season items until they go on sale.  If I find something I like in an Etsy shop I won’t buy it unless they have a second item I also like to offset shipping costs....and then I’ll only buy them after emailing the seller and asking for a multiple purchase discount.  Before I book a holiday, I will spend hours researching accommodation. 

What can I say, I’m a Scrouge McDuck at heart.

So you guys may want to know about a new online site that offers coupons of offers from all our favourite shops in one place.  From ASOS to The Iconic to Expedia there are great
fashion coupons and deals.  Like right now, there are special codes for ASOS and Beauty bargains for Beauty Bay.  And these coupons are applicable to Australian residents, no more websites that only offers UK, US or free shipping to everywhere but Australia!  Hooray!

 There is even a Travel section where you can make sure you get the cheapest airplane ticket or car hire!  And seriously, there is even a food section so you can make sure you are getting the cheapest Pizza you can.
Through this site I found out that eBay was having a one day only sale last Sunday, and was able to save $30 on a Wheels and Dollbaby cardi!  Naughty me!
Check it out and let me know what you think.

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Very WICKED Vintage Meetup!

Last Friday night saw several drop dead gorgeous Vintage chicky babes all fly in from over Australia for a meet up at The Regent Theatre to see the Wicked musical.  The evening called for the best evening dresses and fur to be worn and to be dripping in diamonds.  Well, rhinestones anyway.

The Sexy Man looked super sexy in his tailored suit.  I wore the only evening looking dress I own, a 1950's flocked organza concoction with a beaded cardigan, fur collar with several rhinestone brooches and my beaded Fre-Mor Lucite purse.  Oh and just FYI: Reg Livermore who played the Wizard in the musical LIKED this photo on Instagram! 

I read all these girls blogs but this was the first time we had all met in person.  I introduce you to from left to right:

Maria, Anna,  Nada Boss from Something Else Clothing, Marianna, Kim Shwark organiser of the evening AND also the organiser for the LA and NY Vinatge Shopping trips, Eszther from em Originals,   Beccie from Sew Retro Rose, Me with those demon eyes, Emma and Sam from The Lindy Charm School.

And also Kesenya second from the Left who blogs at Life is like a Spongecake.  We had tried meeting several times before but something always happened at the last minute!  Hello Kesenya!

It was soooo nice to finally meet the authors behind the blogs I read religiously with every new post.  Everyone looked gorgeous and we got a bazillion comments from others telling us how nice we looked.  The out of State girls stayed in Melbourne all weekend and reportedly purchased the city out of Vintage!

Thanks for meeting up with us girls, we had fun!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pro Naturals Argan Oil Hair Repair System Review

Pro Naturals sent me their Argan Oil Hair Repair System to review....several months ago.  It has taken me this long to review it as I really did want to test this system out properly. 

 As you can see from the bottle and tub levels, it has taken me several weeks to use this much of the system.  When I started using it my hair was in very bad condition.  You guys know I went from black hair to red to copper in a short few months, and the bleach had made my hair unmanageable.  I hoped this system would help tame several inches of the bottom of my hair from straw into glossy locks.

I washed my hair every 2-3 days with the shampoo and conditioner, then used quite a lot of the Argan Oil Treatment into damp then dry hair.  The Oil did help to tame the straw ends a little, but not enough to leave as is.  I then had to use another product to get the frizz under control.  So for me, the Oil did not cut it for a Treatment.

The mask I used once a week.

Honestly,  I really did feel the system made my hair a little worse for wear.  The website states that it should be used for 1 week in every 6 to bring your hair issues under control.  This information was not given to me before I started the system either thru the distributor or from any booklets included with the package.  I used the system wholly for about 4 weeks alone.  Maybe I overdid it?

So, altho I was the perfect candidate for this system, it just did not work for me.  Do you know what DID work??  Getting several inches chopped off my hair.  Unfortunately, in the real world this is probably the only solution. 
I WILL be going back to the system in maybe a couple of months and try it for a week as the website states.  But at the moment my hair is now in fabulous condition and I really don't want to jinx that by trying Pro Naturals again.

As a system, this set retails for $130 USD on their WEBSITE.  Pro Naturals can also be found on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

Has anyone used this system and what did you think?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

DIRTY WORKS Buttery Salt Scrub and Supreme Cream Body Butter

Mmmmm, does that title make you sound hungry?  It does to me...but that may be because I'm on a smoothie kick.

I find it very hard to find a scrub that is actually gritty.   I really don't want to count how many times I've dropped $10 on a scrub to open the tub at home to find it velvety smooth, or maybe a grit here or there.  I like to BUFF the crapola out of my skin and I count myself very lucky to have the type of skin that can take my scrubbing abuse.  Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub is incredibly, wonderfully, sublimey gritty. A scoop of this stuff will buff your hands and cuticles into line instantly.  And if you want to wake yourself up, scoop and scrub this all over your body for instant tingling alertness.  It's wonderful.   I've already bought a second tub.

The Body Butter is very rich and strong in fragrance.  It is probably a little too strong for my liking, but I suffer from headaches from inhaling too much perfume/fragrance so I am super sensitive.  The scent stays on for hours.  I slather my Body Butter on straight from the shower after using my Salt scrub, and I do slather it everywhere, even on the soles of my feet.  It absorbs instantly and makes my skin feel smooth.

The best part about this duo?  You can buy it from Coles supermarket!  And the second best part?  They only retail for $9.95 for a giant tub!

For more information please visit DIRTY WORKS website or FACEBOOK page.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Modcloth Fruity Dress

 Oh, you guys KNOW I'm a sucker for anything fruity!  I have bazillions of fruit necklaces, fruity earrings, fruit encrusted purses and even fruit topped shoes.  So when Modcloth brought out this dress by Bea and Dot, it kind of got purchased pretty quickly.

And even tho it's freezing Winter, I couldn't wait till Summer to wear it.  So I pulled out a cardi and bunged on some stockings.


Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Tights: Target
Cardi: Retail
Cherry Brooch: Etsy, Luxulite
Bakelite: Etsy, eBay
And I haven't done a Mini Me post for awhile. 
My newly aged Miss 6 pulled out a 60's style Mod dress by Myer.
 Miss 12 now fits into womens sizing so we have been on a shopping spree.  She is wearing all new 60's inspired clothing by Seven Angels, boots from Kmart.

What haven't you guys been able to resist from Modlcoth lately?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Love Vintage Show Melbourne


The Love Vintage Show in Melbourne was on a couple of weekends ago so The Sexy Man and I toddled off, minus the children thanks to my parents babysitting.  It was not such a freezing cold day so I took advantage of wearing my brightest concoction, minus a cardigan.  The Sexy Man wore a mix of decades from his 60's suit to a 40s tie to a modern shirt.

I have found out in recent days that this weekend was probably our last Love Vintage as the show has been cancelled.  I am not sure if it was due to lack of visitors or vendors, but this show was lacking in both when we attended.  It was almost half the size of last year, and quite dead with customers.  I wonder if this is due to vintage not being quite so "popular" with fashion designers this year?
Whatever the reason for the cancellation, we are quite upset.  Love Vintage was the last big Show on in Melbourne and it's left quite a hole in the market.  Hopefully someone else will revive it and start it up again for next year.

My nails were OPI DS Extravagence.

And the wonderful Audrey Scarlett Vintage had tickets for us waiting at the door! Yay for Catherine!

My purse is a vintage JR of Miami.  It got more comments than the dress.

My one and only purchase!  Oh, don't get me wrong.....I COULD have bought a $950 Hot Pink 50's coat if I had the money.  But this little hat from Audrey Scarlett Vintage was a jaunty little find which I can't wait to wear out.  If only I had a grey and burgundy outfit to match it.......

Who can update me with news on the Love Vintage Shows status?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Week of Vintage, Glass Beads, Performance Rock, Hairstyles, and Bakelite

Last week saw me away at a 3 day Bead Show selling my wares.  There is quite a lot of purchasing and socialising going on at those things, but I did manage to sneak in a few toilet selfies. 
I also went to a Gary Numan concert and saw performance rock for the first time by The Red Paintings.  It was......interesting.

 The cherry necklace is made form plastic and is over the top in size.  Usually I wear my handmade glass cherries but I felt bigger was better in this case.  The floral cardi is a vintage favourite and I always need more huge pocket dresses.  Shoes are Miss L Fire.

My beads!  Aren't they pretty?
This dress is a sublime 1960's which I wore with lots of my huge handmade glass beads, sparkly nail polish and rhinestone eyelashes.


Performance rock.  There was lots of painting, running around and screaming involved.

And on the last day I wore my vintage $5 patio skirt with a Modcloth cardi, lots of Bakelite and Lucite bangles and my handmade glass fruit necklace and ring.

I experimented with hot sticks.  I used the smallest for this set and quite liked the result.  This short hair thing just may be OK after all.

And Winter means I can hide bad hair days underneath fabulous hats, rug up my fat in fabulous coats and adorn them in fabulous brooches.
My beret is from a handmade market, the Ming brooch is from Etsy and the squirrel is Erstwilder.  My "Kenzo" sunglasses were $2 from Phuket.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ciate Chalkboard Nails

Yes, I know this fad has been and gone already!  But one of the Aussie cheap sites had a sale on all things Ciate and marked their packs down to $ I bought one of each!  Today is chalkboards....I have feathers, velvet and foil to go!

The black matte polish included was rather nasty, streaky and horrible to apply.  The "chalk" markers needed a lot of pumping before they decided to work.  Maybe these packs were marked down for a reason?

The end result was rather elementary looking (haha, I made a it?  No?)  but not to mind as this horrible matte polish chipped in big chunks within hours!  I promptly threw it in the bin and will try the markers again on another branded polish.

Who bought this pack and did you like them?